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Review – Kantara movie

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Are you kidding me? If you have seen Kantara you wouldn’t be asking this.

Kantara  KGF chapter 2.

Let’s Start.

Writing: Kantara has some flaws in the second half. But overall, its writing is much better than KGF 2. Kantara has well-written characters and world-building. You will still remember every character after the film. The love story, though rushed, has a good conflict, unlike KGF 2’s grotesque love story.

Acting: Rishabh Shetty nails his role, especially in the second half. Every actor gave their best. KGF 2 had some very bad actors in some roles. But that is not the case with Kantara. Each and every one fit their role perfectly and delivered a natural performance.

Direction: This is a tough one. Both the director had some bonkers visions for their respective projects. But I will still go with Rishabh Shetty. Because of his portrayal of the Panjurli Daiva, especially in the first scene, where the hero’s father disappears. I mean the way he talks to that landlord and runs into the forest gave me goosebumps. It is very difficult to direct such films. But Rishabh has successfully done it.

Cinematography: This is very difficult. KGF Chapter 2 had bonkers cinematography, which I liked very much. But I liked Kantara in this too…. KGF Chapter 2 had a dark and gritty look to it… but it fails to maintain that connection with audience emotionally. But Kantara’s each frame is a statement. I was literally in a trance in the last fight.

Music: Easily Kantara for me because the music in this is very unconventional and it works. You don’t standard heroic rousing music each time a punch lands from the hero. But you get this natural music with a subtle tone. The music sourisare mostly in the scene, so you get a feeling of being inside the screen and witnessing the Bhoota Kola.

Kantara is an epic experience that you must watch in the theatre. I am incredibly glad I got to see this masterpiece. This film offers a wholly different experience from mainstream cinema, which is why it is a once in a lifetime experience.

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