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Resident Evil Village,” Horror Game

GeForce NOW Presents “Resident Evil Village,” a High-Stakes Horror Game.

Three new games are coming to the cloud this week, and an upgrade will improve Ultimate members’ images on all devices.

Even in the summertime heat, be prepared to get a few goosebumps. As one of the three new games that are hitting GeForce NOW this week, Capcom’s critically acclaimed Resident Evil Village adds a little bit of terror to the cloud on GFN Thursday.
Additionally, users may now customize their GeForce NOW game libraries in new ways thanks to a recent app update that also improves the visual experience.

Users are presenting in the cloud their preferred places to visit. For an opportunity to be included, post beautiful cloud views and follow #GreetingsFromGFN on @NVIDIAGFN social media platforms.

The highly anticipated sequel to Capcom’s critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Resident Evil Village, offers an engrossing mix of action and survival horror.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of Ethan Winters, a distraught father trying to save his kidnapped daughter.

The game is set in a spooky European village overrun by mutant creatures. One of the most fascinating characters in the game is the enigmatic Lady Dimitrescu, who is often hiding in the shadows outside her magnificent castle.
Defend against legions of foes, including hideous abominations and lycanthropic villagers.

Experience traditional survival-horror strategies, such as resource management and exploration, combined with action-packed with more enemies and fierce fighting.

With support for ray tracing and high dynamic range (HDR) for the most authentic shadows and precise visual fidelity when walking every creepy passage, Ultimate and Priority members may experience the horrors of this dark and twisted world in gory, hypnotic detail.

Streaming everything flawlessly via NVIDIA GeForce RTX-powered cloud servers, gamers may feel the chills before taking on the terrifying Lady Dimitrescu in the full game with the Resident Evil Village demo.

My vision is clear now.
10-bit colour precision is now supported by the GeForce NOW app version 2.0.64.

This feature, which is exclusive to Ultimate users, improves the quality of images while streaming on Windows, macOS, and NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

During streaming, 10-bit colour precision greatly increases the accuracy and richness of colour gradients. Its impacts will be most noticeable to members in scenarios that feature intricate colour transitions, such as bright sky, softly lit interiors, and different loading screens and menus. It works well with games that don’t support HDR and non-HDR monitors. Locate the setting under Streaming Quality > Color Precision in the GeForce NOW app. The suggested default value is 10-bit.

For more fluid colour transitions, try it out on Cyberpunk 2077’s neon-lit streets. For a more immersive streaming experience, explore Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s and other games’ varied environments.
Along with bug fixes, the currently rolling update offers additional options for organizing a user’s collection of in-app games. To learn more, go to the NVIDIA Knowledgebase.

New Games with Lights, Camera, Action

As action reporter Jade, take part in the uprising in Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil – 20th Anniversary Edition. Set off on an incredible journey in up to 4K 60 frames per second, with enhanced music and visuals, a speedrun option, upgraded achievements, and a special anniversary gallery.

Discover more about Jade’s past and win unique new rewards in a brand-new treasure hunt around the world as you explore Hillys.
Check out the new game lineup for this week:

• Ubisoft and Steam will release Beyond Good & Evil: 20th Anniversary Edition on June 24.



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