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Rejuvenation, What are we ?

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Rejuvenation, What are we ?



We want to celebrate our Festivals !!

want to enjoy !! want to go on vacations !! to go to eat outside , get-togethers outings !! go for shopping ! to meet friends and relatives !!


On what cost ?
Can’t we think that this year, we are on fasting period, we are Rejuvenation ourselves ?

Our functions, parties are so important to us ,that we want to celebrate full-fledged according to our capabilities. We are not at all worried that , as marriage such a auspicious occasion, but we don’t mind risking our own people ,own friends and relatives getting infected. paying the price of our carelessness, towards everything we got, our liberty, freedom ?  taken everything for granted ?

We want to enjoy everything, Rejuvenation

But just don’t want to follow the rules of life, even knowing, this deadly virus can wipe out all of us, still .

We want to blame the government and each and everything around us but. Don’t blame ourselves .

It’s everyone’s mistakes, responsibilities, but not ours.
We will have big talks about everything,
We will accuse lockdowns and will feel very sad, all the wrong happening on lockdowns..
Our positions, communal problems, infrastructure.
corruptions ,lack of beds, oxygens, medicine etc..

No community is wrong, people misusing the community and it’s values to kill humanity is

Humanity comes first
Then our country.
Then our community, means our ideology.

This virus had taught us this ,
it hasn’t spared any community.
It’s not partial at all. It’s killing people from every community.
And , now we all can get wiped off still. won’t do anything to stop the virus.
Just wearing simple proper mask ?

Rejuvenation, What we are up to ?
So thick skinned ?

We don’t want to follow any rules, don’t want to face the truth, reality.
Would love to live in fictitious world.
We have so much attitude that even we don’t want to understand that someone is trying to help us ,
we will take all the help ,but won’t thank the person,
and to top it all, we will show the attitude as if we are doing favor to them by taking their help. or show if as we don’t need the help at all.

Come on people, grow up. .
don’t be so mean, cunning, selfish and lazy.
Have some gratitude.

We get offended by anything and everything if someone tries to correct us,
we are so proud people, that we don’t mind, the whole world is helping us to come out of this pandemic but ,we ourselves don’t do anything, we the great species. Indians don’t want to do anything to stop it and don’t mind getting all free help all the time, in name of aid for underdeveloped Country. from the entire world, though we are getting abused for our mistakes, the world is showing pity .

Why are we still underdeveloped ?

Other countries after us, went far ahead with their hard work.
But ,you know .
we are very self respecting people, don’t say anything to us.

Come on , we all should rise up from this sham.
All the time we are depending on foreign aid to help us, help our country, shame on us .

Areere, Rejuvenation, man power is the biggest asset of this world and we are largest population in the world, its high time that, we should start using our available, resources, our manpower to come out of this pandemic and
help to raise our nation 🇮🇳 so much that ,in future we will be strong enough to take care of any calamities and help the world.

We always, feel that we believe in God , do we really ?

If ..the God is everywhere, isn’t he watching our approach towards his own creation, this beautiful world ?

If our earth.. our nature revolt’s, because of our indiscipline behavior, the way we are destroying there beautiful world. then ?

If they don’t follow the rules ?
Earth will stop revolving..
Wind stops flowing ..
Sun stops rising everyday at its time…
Rain stops ringing.
Sound stops.

Which is already happening. Global warming.

This is only the beginning.
We have already taken everything for granted.

We wish, that this virus only gets tired of our horrible behavior ,and runs away from us Right?

Now at least, wake up people.
Don’t destroy this beautiful word and your beautiful life by yourself.

Stop this pandemic.
Only we can do it.


Take care

Sunita Rao Bailur.
Dr. Hemant Bailur.

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