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reforms in the industry – Rohini Iyer

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reforms in the industry – Rohini Iyer 

reforms in the industry – Rohini Iyer



Mumbai, Date: 7/4/2021.


Rohini Iyer has always been a prominent and vocal supporter of women’s rights and safety. reforms in the industry, The entrepreneur who leads a reputed media management company has been powerful and influential in terms of work and ideology. With an amazing bunch of authoritative female personalities as clients, Iyer has never failed to achieve things professionally and personally.

Rohini Iyer speaks about powerful women and reforms in the industry

Speaking about women’s strength in the industry, Rohini Iyer says, “I’ve been around really impressive and powerful women throughout my journey in the industry. I would like to credit them as they have inspired me to be who I am today. reforms in the industry

It’s changing times and women who are out there have proofed themselves to be equivalent to men. Also, the films that are being made today have also revolutionized the way we look at things today.’’


reforms in the industry - Rohini Iyer

reforms in the industry – Rohini Iyer

She also praised actress Preity Zinta for her initiative to create awareness and develop the safety app Kavach.
She said, “I’m so extremely grateful and happy that Preity supported this plan and also created awareness around it.


It’s a much-needed reboot and prioritizes safety in all aspects. No woman should ever be scared or anxious while doing her day-to-day chores. Step by step, we will bring in the reforms and create a better world for women.” reforms in the industry



Well with such influencing personalities around us, we seriously hope that the transformation will come soon and this world will become a better place for all the women out there.








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