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Raksha Bandhan – Celebrations Time

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Raksha Bandhan – Celebrations Time

Raksha Bandhan – Lots of Festivals Picnics


Our festivities

Yaayyyy, Celebrations time
Shravan month 

Now.. Raksha Bandhan. wow ..
and Ganpati…..lots of festivals picnics.

Please , if you love your siblings, celebrate Rakhi  online only.
don’t invite 3rd wave to celebrate your festival with you home .


How could you think about any celebrations?? Have some more patience 
This is not the end of the world. 

The pandemic is not over.
We will kill the virus totally by following the protocols and taking our Vaccines…
70 % of the population should get vaccinated with double dose
then only we will win against this pandemic. .
then we can celebrate everything as usual. 

Now, use your senses 
just think, of your safety
at least 


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For celebrations. 
You call your own people, friends, relatives for the ceremony, or party

feeling nothing will happen.

Some will call 10, 25, 50 or…more people 
to do any get-togethers we need, minimum. food ,music,
photographer, helpers, drivers, etc.

People are going to come from different ,houses, places, localities, vehicles

no one knows, if they have this virus , they might be asymptomatic patients as most of us has taken 1 vaccine at least.
And specially  we have a tendency of neglecting our little cold ,cough, fever, diarrhea,

body ache., with this symptoms we mostly go for our work, and celebrations too..,
thinking… nothing happens yarr. 

But not now.. these are the same symptoms for covid, malaria, dengue, viral fever, typhoid etc..
We are used to take home remedies for this small symptoms..
But if its covid then??? 

Now ,doctor’s have already told us that, if you have any of these symptoms, first we should take it as a covid and start following the precautions….
Isolate yourself..

But ,what do we do..
We just neglect…..

Now, even.. nearly 10 people, together in one house, and in India,  majority of us have small homes.

All are going to talk, eat ,and it will be without mask.

If and if person has covid, automatically.  most of them will be at risks.

On what costs??

Just think  Are you going to forgive yourselves, if someone gets infected in your function

This is the way covid is being spread..
we are spreading it.

Aren’t we worried about any consequence ???
Just playing with human life..??.
Remember the 2nd wave.

So .please. 
Even it’s your own family, close friends functions, marriages, etc. say no for any get-togethers ,if you really love them 
In a way… you will be serving humanity. ..
If You do it. ,people will definitely follow you,
So.. someone should start it 
Why not you???
Don’t worry…
it’s todays need..

1 minute without or wrong masks, anyone can get infected.

Say no to any social gathering.

For someone it’s unavoidable, they have to get married.. ok.
But with minimal people. 

Please ,don’t go anywhere if it’s not important and…
don’t allow anyone from outside in your building.

All couriers, maids ,delivery of goods.. milk ,vegetables , etc., minimum 50 people are entering our primacies daily .

So they have to keep all the deliveries of residence, only at ground floors..

If we don’t follow the rules, with this festivals coming, and knowing Indian mentality for celebrations,  authorities are predicting 3rd wave. 
Don’t do this.

War is at your door steps. 
Fight back .Don’t give up.

And ..Please 
If possible, whatever you want to spend for outing, etc.
Donet it to needy. and with your little help someone can save his life. And the kind of happiness ,blessings, you will get from this beautiful gestures ,its unimaginable . 

Don’t worry, we will be there to celebrate everything, if we don’t allow 3rd wave to come. 

Take care 

Stay safe, Stay blessed. 

Sunita Rao Bailur. 
Dr. Hemant Bailur.

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