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Quarantine 2 Wave Of Corona Precautions.

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Quarantine 2 Wave Of Corona Precautions.

Quarantine – COVID 19




 Again, we are in the same position, where we were last year,. .or worse than that ??

Now if you are an asymptomatic covid patient, you are supposed to be at home quarantined and only the patients who become serious have to be admitted.

even if you are having fever ,or even if you are doubtful ,that you have covid ..,until you get tested ,
for family’s and society’s safety ,
Or your doctor told you to quarantine
please follow these.
Plan your quarantine .

1…. Patient has to have one complete room with toilet, bathroom inside his room.

2… Room has to be closed all the time .

3….Patient is not stepping outside the room for at least 14 days… And no one should enter in his room.

4… Patient has to clean his clothes , even the room, toilet etc. , on his own if needed.
If not possible, at least spray disinfectant spray 3 time’s a day ..
And if patient can’t ,clean his clothes, please soak the clothes in soap and Dettol water for 2 days, in his quarantine room only, so the germs will get killed and then let family members clean in them in washing machine separately, at night.
As we generally don’t have separate washing machines, please ,for extra safety other family member’s clothes should be washed after a gap of 12 hours. After washing patients clothes, fill the machine with water.. put some soap and dettol.
When you want to wash your clothes, drain it completely. .
So machine will get cleaned

5…. Somebody from patients family, has to provide him , all the meals , tea and breakfasts.

6… Most important ,everyone has to wear a proper N.95 mask at your home all the time.
soak everyone’s mask in Dettol and soap water separately, every night and clean it ,next day..
keep 2 masks for everyone.
wear it alternately.
Patient should wear new mask everyday and dispose it in his dustbin bag.

7… Clean your house completely every day once with Dettol and once with hypochlorite liquid or Ala detergent liquid.

Spray, hypochlorite twice a day in whole house.
Give separate hypochlorite spray for patients room.
(Not to spray on electricals, food, human beings. )
Don’t wipe, let it dry on its own .
Please, take care not to fall down on wet floors.
whenever, you need to open patients room, first spray disinfectant on the door ,knock on the door ,keep the things or food on the floor and move ,strictly, before opening the door.

8… If your neighbors are staying very close to your house, please ask them to follow all these rules.

9….No one should go out of your home for 7 days minimum.

10. Stock all the things like vegetables ,groceries etc.  needed for next 14 days and if you need any thing more please, request your neberious or someone else to provide you.

11…. Tell your society to spray hypochlorite every day…for 14 days.
Then.. alternate days till the pandemic gets over, to protect everyone because now, this virus is entering in everywhere. Specifically society’s.

11….All members of the family have to do this ,
minimum 3 times a day….
gargle with salt and hot water,
take a steams from nose, if possible ,put Bhimsen kappur, a little bit or eucalyptus oil.
Clean your tongue with tongue cleaner..3 time’s a day.
Specially. Patient .. as he won’t have teast improve it.

12..Make a action from mouth of blowing the balloon for 10 times,
Repeat this exercise. .3 times a day to improve your lungs.
All breathing exercises, and others exercises ,yoga to keep your self physically fit.

Remember these are the exercises for improving your immunity, not to kill or prevent Corona.

12…Eat healthy, preferably vegetarian homemade food, raw foods. Like salads…
Eat lots of fruits, dry fruits..

13..If you are taking any homeopathic or Ayurveda along with that…. ,please,  strictly take all prescribed allopathic medication .

14… Keep oximeter, Thermometer…
Monitor your self, after, every 4 hours.

And everyday patient should do 5 minutes walk test in his room ,to check his oxygen levels.
It should not change more then 2 degrees. .
If it’s more then that, Consult your doctor, you may need hospitalization.
Or ..
If you feel uncomfortable, breathless. your oxygen levels goes below 95…please consult your doctor and get admitted.. Because, delay is always dangerous .

15.. For emergency, keep a list of covid hospitals ,where you can admit a patient keep watching the availability of beds in hospitals, the rates….which you can afford..
Don’t run in hospitals to search a bed, with patient.

16.Keep a vehicle ready for emergency or if you don’t have, please, arrange in advance, in the last moment, don’t wait for ambulance..

IF possible sit in the ambulance, only let the patient go ,you follow the ambulance. Because most of covid patients are carried in the ambulance, so you may get infected

Don’t get panic under any circumstances because you need to be healthy to help your dear ones ..

17..Use disposable plates and cutlery. keep all waste of covid patients, separately in their rooms in garbage bags, covered it tightly all the time and hand it over to BMC or dispose it in proper manner.

18..Family members have to wear gloves to touch anything in quarantined room.

19..Stop all the helpers and outsiders, coming in your house as they will get infected and spread it unknowingly.

20..Make a chart of your daily temperature and oxygen levels and send it to your doctor immediately.
don’t take any decision without consulting your doctor.

21..Make a syrup. kadha of turmeric, jira, ,clove , dalchini, tulsi, lemongrass, black pepper, ginger, etc… put it in big vessel with water and boil it thoroughly and everyone should drink it at least 2 times a day. Make it every day. .

Nowadays, there are lots of treatments available for covid, so don’t worry, it won’t be life threatening, if you are alert.

️ Don’t burn yourself with hot water.

Patient ,really has to be separated from the family.
No direct contact at all. Contact each other on phone only….
otherwise you will get infected .
And most important, remember if other family members came negative in the initial stages, please don’t be in a hurry with joy.
.virus is alive in patients body around 8 days ,so it can infect others within 8 days .

And as you know, its really costly and dangerous for all family members to get infected with covid.

Neighbors and society’s please, be alert. If suspected patients and the family is not following the protocol, please gently request, be there to help them and still not listening ,please complain , because its question of everyone’s safety.

We can definitely save ourselves with proper precautions.
strictly follow, quarantine rules.

Take care.
Stay safe , stay blessed .
Sunita Rao Bailur.
Dr. HEMANT Bailur.

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