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Pregnancy symptoms – Natural methods to prevent pregnancy 

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Pregnancy symptoms – What is the natural method to prevent pregnancy?

Pregnancy symptoms – Natural methods to prevent pregnancy 






 Pregnancy symptoms than what u do – if u want to avoid.

1. Celibacy – This requires both abstinence and is difficult.

2. Interruption of intercourse coitus interruptus – withdrawal of the penis by the male during the climax of intercourse. If this takes time and the Venus falls even a fraction into the vagina, it travels up to the uterus and pregnancy occurs.

3. Safe period method

The period of 1 week before menstruation and 1 week after menstruation is called the safe period.

But this method is beneficial only if the period is regular.

4. Basal body temperature method BBT

According to the scriptures, ovulation takes place on the 14th day. Ovulation means the release of sperm from the testicles. Not every woman ovulates on the 14th day, but 2-3 days before the 14th day and 4-5 days after the 14th day or sometimes later.

In this BBT method, the body temperature on the day of ovulation is 0.3 to 0.5 degrees Celsius. This temperature is expected to be taken as soon as you wake up in the morning. Ovulation should be considered on the day on which the temperature rises and after that one should not have sex for 3-4 days.

5. Breastfeeding – Women who breastfeed for a long time after delivery have 90-95% protection against pregnancy until the first period after delivery.

(In short, the period from the 10th to the 22nd day after menstruation is the period of conception, this should be the target and any contraceptive should be used by both men and women.



Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Please remember to visit the official websites and do your research before you avail of any services.

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