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The Power of Words

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The Power of Words


Najwa Zebian




Your power of  words can be more healing than any kind of medicine. They can be more toxic than any kind of poison. can case a mind of its nagging questions.

They can relieve a heart from its doubts. Can free a heart from the chains that keep it holding on and that make it fear letting go.

Can spring hope into a deserted heart. shatter a soul barely holding on to the pieces that make it strong. power of  words

They Can be a shelter for the broken and a canon of motivation for those who need confidence. build mountains of confidence and build stairs to those dreams that hide above the clouds. dig holes into the darkest and deepest of Scars. power of  words

They can strike happiness into the souls in most need of it, and they can strike sadness into the souls of those most from it. So, before you speak, ask yourself if your power of words are true.

If they are not, then you are fooling the hopeless into hope that won’t last. You are breaking down walls temporarily that will be built even higher afterwards. Say what the truth and genuineness in your heart need to say. Say far away no more. Power of Words




Najwa Zebian

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