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plantation drive – seed bomb planting

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plantation drive – seed bomb planting



plantation drive – literally a nutrient rich seed inside of a bowl





a seed wall, and just like it sounds, it’s literally a nutrient rich seed inside of a bowl. But it’s a mighty little seed that

could ultimately change the landscape in Kenya, East Africa and also change the trajectory of climate change.

The impactful seeds are indigenous and are supplied and certified by the Kenya Forestry Research Institute.

They are not treated or altered. A sidewalls outer coating is made out of biochar or charcoal dust mixed with some nutrient binders.

The function of the biochar coating is to help protect the seed within from predators such as birds, rodents,

insects and extreme temperatures until greatly needed rain arrives to help it grow. Once it’s completely wet,

the seed wall will help preserve and prolong a moist environment around the seed to activate germination.

Seed germination rates in the wild greatly fluctuate within species. For example, some tree seeds such as the Nandi Flame

and Kala or Makhmour require just a few rain showers within the week to sprout. Acacias, on the other hand,

differ with most species adopting a more conservative approach evolved for harsher, less predictable dryland environments.

This innovative approach to reforestation was researched and developed by Seed Kenya,

a joint collaboration between Charters Ltd and Cooks World, because since twenty sixteen seed wars,

Kenya has been tackling deforestation in Kenya and East Africa, it has probably distributed over eight million

four hundred and ten thousand five hundred seed balls and counting.

A huge benefit of the seed wars is that they’re cost effective and can be easily dispersed over large, remote and inaccessible areas,

also known as seed bombing or aerial reforestation. It’s a technique of introducing vegetation to land by throwing or dropping seed balls.

Seed bulls, Kenya disburses seed balls and degraded areas with tree and grass species that have been partially or completely

removed by man from their original environments. As a result of this direct seeding, there is a reduction in transplant shock.

This helps young trees grow stronger roots and ultimately grow into stronger trees. Thanks to this low cost afforestation,

the region is making progress in rehabilitating damaged land. It’s also reintroducing tree species in a semi-natural process.




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