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Pavankhind – 300 people fought against 6000

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Pavankhind – 300 people have fought against 6000





On July 13, 1660, a thrilling feat took place. How could 300 people have fought against 6000 ???
Will they be men?
Will it be black night ??
While on the back of death, the 300 Mavals who were incapable of sacrificing their bodies in the fire pit only for their king, for Swarajya, their Swarajyanishtha and Swaminishtha must be said to be supernatural.
Even today, even if the incident is read, there is a thorn in the side.
The ‘partisan’ historians of today have taken notice of only a certain class of warriors, so the strength of the Maval army in Hirdus Mavala is still in the dark …
But true history is like a cloud-covered sun that doesn’t stay hidden for long … “

1) Whose history is that in Ghodkhindi? Shind is a small village in the Deshmukh of Trepan village in Rohid valley which is a part of Hirdus Maval valley. Vajya Prabhu of this village inherited some villages from Mirza Aliberid Shah of Bidar and this family became ‘Deshpande’. Vaijyaprabhu’s son Pilajiprabhu, his son Krishnaji Prabhu and his son Bajiprabhu but Baji Bandal Deshmukh was the Deshmukh of 53 villages in this Rohid valley. Mahud was the village of these fifty-three villages. Deshpande used to look after the affairs of 53 villages of this Deshmukh from Shind village.
I mean, this Deshpande was the caretaker of Bandal Deshmukh! Deshmukhite Baji Bandal Deshmukh and Karbhari Bajiprabhu Deshpande were almost the same age. Because these people had all the information about the part of Hirdus Maval valley, footpath, thief. This decision was made by the kings so that these people would benefit in difficult times. When Maharaj escaped from the fort, he took with him this army from Hirdus Mavla. But Baji Bandal Deshmukh and other Mavals, who are the owners of this fifty three village, were martyred in this gap! Then why don’t you get to read the history of their heroic deeds, even if you feel sad about it! It is doubtful that any historian may have deliberately concealed it in order to flash it on anyone. There is a history that Shivaji Maharaj honored Bandal Deshmukh with a sword of honor for his bravery in this program.! Then the question arises that if Bajiprabhu Deshpande had the power in the holy valley, then why did Maharaj stop honoring the Deshpande family with a sword of honor and did it to the Bandal Deshmukh family ??

 Bandal Sena

● 2) “Bhupa hirdaso bhdhutah prabhut bhijan priyah.
मज्जैत्र यत्राः कुवर्णाः प्रोल्लो सन्ति पदे पदे॥ “
Meaning- “Rajebandals who are popular in Hirdus Mavla are making my victory march successful, increasing the enthusiasm of my army every step of the way.” Where Shakavali has come … The name of this opportunity is Vigraha Bana + Dal = Bandal .. It means an army fighting with a bow and arrow. – Krishnaji Bandal
– In 1625, Bandal defeated Nizam’s Wazir Malik Ambras and conquered Kenjalgad. – In 1636, Dadoji Konddev (Adilshahi, Bijapur Sultanate) attacked and defeated Krishnaji Bandal Yanj – After Krishnaji’s death, wife Dipau and son Baji Bandal joined Swarajya with their Bandal Sena.
– There are references that Bandal Sena contributed to the next battles for Swarajya … Pratapgad War (Afzal Khan case, Panhalgad siege (Siddi Johar case)
In the Battle of Pratapgad in the Battle of Pratapgad, Kanhojirao Jedhyan and the Bandal Sena won a great victory. After that, Shivaraya defeated Rustam-e-Jamya and captured Rajapur and Vishalgad.
– Also, on the way to Vishalgad, on the way to Vishalgad, only 300 Mavals stopped Siddi Masud’s army and fought and died …
– After this, Chhatrapati presented the first page of Rajgaddarbari Talwar to Raiji Naik Bandal. – Bandal was a born warrior. But after reading stories and novels, we have come to the conclusion that only Baji Prabhu fought the gap. But in this battle, Shambhusinh Jadhav and 300 Mavals had fought valiantly.
In fact, Bandalseni of Hirdus Maval and Shambhusinh Jadhavrao saved the life of Swarajya from the blows of a terrible ghatsarpa. Mahamantra of Maharashtra! – Har Har Mahadev! Har Har Mahadev!
– South Digvijay Moh

Raiji Naik Bandal was with Chhatrapati, due to the looting done by Mowgli Sena at Shirur-Shikrapur, Raiji picked up Vida and attacked the Mowgli army ..-
– Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj bestowed the sword of honor on Raiji’s son Subhanji.
But true history is like a cloud-covered sun that doesn’t stay hidden for long … “
– The tombs of the heroes of the Bandal Deshmukh family, who are loyal to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, are located in the village of Pisavare, Bhor, Pune.
– Salute to these brave but unfamiliar warriors
The Bandals had faith in Swarajya even during the reign of Shambhuraj
1- Brave fighter of Swarajya: Damodar Magdum
2- Jedhe Shakavali: A.R. Kulkarni
3- Shivbharat: Editor SM Divekar
4- Bandal Takrir: Editor G. H. Khare, Na. K. Joshi
3) Baji Prabhu is in history
Appeared in Pavankhindi
This case is suspicious!
In Pavankhindi, Shumbhusinh Jadhavrao and 300 Bandal Sena fought this battle without caring for their lives. Mavals were called “Bandalsena”.
Our respect to Shambhusinh Jadhavrao, Baji Bandal and his brothers Fulaji Bandal, Bajiprabhu Deshpande and all other known and unknown Mavals who sacrificed their lives for their king in the battle of Pavankhindi

Information Thanks: – maratha v. a. gavhane

Dr. Suvarna Naik Nimbalkar



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