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Parking – Society Parking Rules

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Parking – Society Rules

Draft Parking Regulations



Discussion in the committee meeting /  Draft parking rules

1. As per National Building Code guidelines, one car park space shall not be less than 8.92 square meters.
For 2-wheelers, it should not be less than 1.25 square meters. – The area for two wheelers will be marked accordingly.
2. As per Section 84 of the Model Bye-laws, general park prescribed by the General Body fee Rs.10
It can range from Rs 10,000 per month depending on the type of vehicle.
(The committee has decided to charge between Rs. 750 and Rs. 1000 per month. This charge is Rs. 750 per month ie Rs. 25 per day.
Decisions will be taken by consensus of all members in all general meetings. This levy will be effective from August 1.)
3. As per government rules, civic bodies like BMC as well as any apartment should reserve at least 5% space inside the gates for visitor park.
4. An additional car/scooter cannot be parked in a space not assigned to you. Additional Four Wheeler You have to pay fee for park.
Violation of vehicle parking rules in the society will be fined by the society.
5. Delivery vehicles will be parked as per the following instructions, Four wheelers will be parked against the wall on the right side of the gate and Parking on the DG side – Two wheelers will be parked in the parking space.
6. 25% Visitor Parking Only 4 wheelers will be available for visitors to park at all times, there are approximately 12 visitor parking spaces in our society (work on layout is in progress) out of which at least 4 parking spaces will be reserved.
Parking will be free for guests for 24 hours and beyond that Rs.50 per day will be charged.
No one is allowed to park two-wheeler in the 4-wheeler visitor parking lot.
7. Unmarked corner spaces will be used for parking additional two-wheelers, bicycles.
No four wheeler vehicles should be parked in these spaces as this creates inconvenience for nearby parking.
8. Bicycles should not be parked in lift lobby, near staircase, adjacent to electric panel.
9. Everyone should follow the speed limit in the society and if found guilty of over speeding, those members will be prosecuted under rash driving with local RTO officials.
10. Members should park their vehicles only in yellow marked areas.
11. Parking Near EV Charging Point will be reserved only for members/customers with EV vehicles during charging.
And no other vehicles are allowed to park in this area. (That space will be used only and exclusively for vehicle charging,
After the charging process, the car should be taken out from there and no car will be parked there)
12. Certain spaces are marked as “No Parking” to avoid inconvenience to members,
No one should park their car in that place. Any violation of this rule will result in penalty.
13. The Tenant/Owner shall not stop his vehicle in the driveway/driveway for more than 10 minutes for loading or unloading material.
14. The washing machine for washing vehicles in the society premises shall be operated from 9 am to 9 pm,
In the meantime it is always advisable to carry out vehicle washing activities outside the gate to avoid inconvenience to the members and avoid road obstruction.
15. Children below 5 years only if accompanied by their parent/guardian to avoid any accident
Cycling will be permitted and will be the sole responsibility of the parents.
16. Children above 5 years of age are advised to ride a bicycle with extreme caution.
Violators will be held responsible for any accident and damage to property of other members.
17. Walking track around the building for children with tricycle or side wheel support
A small bicycle will be used for walking/walking and cycling. however,
Parents should teach their children to ride slowly on footpaths so that no one gets hurt.
18. Partitions made of chains, brickwork, plywood, woodwork etc. are prohibited in the park area.
19. Member shall park his vehicle only in the designated park space.
(Without permission in other’s parking area, on access road of society, no park zone, in front of gate,
Vehicles should not be parked in front of the entrances of the society building etc.)
20. Parking at General Meeting of Society – Act to regulate park spaces and
Parking rules will be framed and enforced as per rules. .
21. For available parking spaces, the allocation of parking space will be done by the committee on “first come first served” basis.
However, even though the parking space is allotted by the society on rental basis, the member has no right to sell or transfer this allotted parking space to anyone,
Also there will be no right to use parking space more than the allotted space.
In respect of every parking space provided on hire basis, parking charges shall be payable as decided by the General Assembly.
22. Available in case of excess number of vehicles of eligible members Parking Spaces Such parking spaces shall be allotted by “lots” on annual basis by the Managing Committee.
23. A member desiring to get a parking space may apply to the Secretary of the Society giving necessary details.
Bye-law no. The procedure for disposal of applications for permission under this bye-law prescribed in section 65 shall be carried out by the Secretary of the Society and the Committee.
Apart from this, if you want to suggest some rules, you can send them to the secretary or the chairman.
Date of all General Meeting will be announced soon. The final rules will be discussed and implemented in this meeting, which will be binding on all the members.
Society committee – may charge parking charges.



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