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Is it a pandemic second wave ?

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 pandemic second wave


Dr. Hemant Bailur




Are we heading towards 2nd lockdown, pandemic second wave ? Or 3rd ?

What difference does it make ?
What will we do. after this or more lockdowns  ?
Don’t we have to change our attitudes towards this pandemic and everything’s ?

It was so simple.
To protect ourselves from this pandemic we we’re supposed to
1.wear a proper masks..
2.not socialize.
3.clean our hands all the time.

But what did we do ?
Don’t we deserves this ?

Now please. ,get serious. pandemic second wave
Most of the people can survive ,after getting infected by Corona yes just have to follow the rules.

The world’s economy and human life will come to an end if now also , we don’t do this.

1. Make it sure that, you all are wearing proper, double layered, tight masks, covering your nose and mouth all the time, when ever you are out.

2. See to it. your staff, watchmen of your society’s, offices, shopkeepers, vegetables vendors are wearing proper masks and most of them will not.

3. Please carry proper masks with you ,wherever you are going out and please keep donating it to them ,
instead of telling them to wear .
make them wear in front of you.

I know it’s a difficult task, but not so difficult also. pandemic second wave

4. Some of them will argue. don’t worry. explain them politely to cover their nose and mouth.

5. keep a watch around you, if they are any covid positive people..
nowadays ,they don’t inform others, they hide the infections ,because they are asymptomatic patients so ,they move around with the disease..
Please be alert..

6. Spray hypochlorite in your area, make your premises safe .
Please read why hypochlorite??? message.

7. Take initiative to protect yourself, there is no choice ,
if all of us wants to come out of this pandemic.

Now we have to stop the attitude of, we don’t interfere in others matters. its individuals decisions, and running away from your social responsibilities.

8. Be strict to follow all precautions, and make others follow.
Take your vaccine .

9. According to the new guidelines, women’s, have to plan there pregnancies, as now covid is badly effecting, the babies and their mothers..
They have to plan the baby, either after this virus gets over or atleast take both the vaccines before pregnancy.

10. Now at least  we have understood, that our lives are connected, dependent on each other.

We need each other,. we have to survive as a society. we can’t survive as an individual.
We all will fight together against Corona. pandemic second wave

Our freedom fighters and wise social workers , have given their entire life to give us
freedom, humanity life.
the entire medical world, all Corona warrior’s are spending day and night to save us.. and we just can’t isolate us from social activities. for some months ,to save ourselves ?

Do we deserve their sacrifices ?

And after so many warnings, still you don’t follow the protocols, and get covid, you will be solely responsible for your life .
.coming months are very critical….please have some sense…come together and we shall kill the virus.

Covid will not kill people, if they don’t want to get killed. follow your body, if you have any simple symptoms, immediately, contact your doctor, don’t keep it unattended…

most of the patients can be treated at home only with doctors guidance, don’t need hospitalization at all ,but you have to follow your doctor’s treatment..
Don’t get panic. you will be all right. and
please make it sure. we all will follow , this simple precautions and soon will get rid of this pandemic second wave
we will win .
Yes ,we can do it.

If not now . it will be never.
Take care


Sunita Rao Bailur. 
Dr. Hemant Bailur. 

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