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Pandemic in India – We and corruption

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Pandemic in India – We and corruption

Corona is not killing India today, We and corruption


Pandemic in India – We and corruption

Please, think, think and its time to act.

PM, CM, MP, MLA, or any other official, you can abuse and curse anyone or everyone,
But we are the one selling the 700-800 oximeter for 3000, It’s us!

Doing black marketing of oxygen,
Its us!

Selling remdesivir for 30000 + plus,
It’s us ! is it Pandemic in India

Dishonesty in the crematorium woods and asking for 20000 for cremation. It’s us!
Looting in coconut water, fruits, vegetables, eggs, chicken, lentils to getting beds in hospitals, all these people are us ! is is Pandemic in India

In a country where whoever got a chance, started looting irrespective of the gravity of the situation, regardless of the suffering around.

Hey people, Gotta poke yourself too.



How innocent are we..
We are so innocent that we start selling lemon worth Rs 50 per kg for Rs 150 per kilo when doctors ask to take more vitamin C..

so innocent that we are selling coconut water worth 40-50 rupees for ₹ 100.

are so innocent that when we hear that there is lack of oxygen for patients, we start black marketing of oxygens concentrator and start selling them for 1 lakh, or, even worse, vanish after taking the money from the patient.

see the plight of dying patients and start black marketing of remdesivir injection..

the one who have sold their self respect and faith by mixing paracetamol in injections..

start asking for ₹ 36000 from Panipat to Faridabad in the name of bringing dead body.. is it Pandemic in India

We talk about taking the patient to a hospital located in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Noida, and start asking for ambulance fare of 20 thousand to 25 thousand..

So innocent we are right? Are we

Vulture scratch dead bodies to fill its stomach after death but we are scratching living people to fill our vaults, where will we take such wealth or for whom?

Have you ever thought?? think once. is it Pandemic in India

One day everyone will have to pay the account of their deeds, if not in the court of the people, then in the court of God.
Corona is not killing India today..
Corrupt Indians are killing Indians today.




Sunita Rao Bailur.
Dr. Hemant Bailur.

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