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painless vaccination – Vaccination special

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Painless vaccination – Vaccination special

Painless vaccination – Vaccination special





Friends, please read it carefully and forward it to your areas, incharge person regarding Vaccination. It’s your right as a a part of the nation.

Since last several months, when vaccine was available for general public, as a social services , under
 Swayam Self Serch ,
i am working on convincing workers and helping them to take vaccination with our Corporaters and officials help .

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As most of us know, it’s very difficult to explain it and make them register for vaccination. It’s extremely time consuming. But with the help, I am able to vaccinate lots of workers of our area till now.

In this process, we have noticed that workers don’t know much about registrations..,vaccines app.etc.
Most of them are not educated enough for this process..and its very difficult for me and other social explain them everything and top of it… to register all of them on our own ,in this covid crisis.

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As everyone knows …painless vaccination
Their is no awareness , 0⁰willingness, importance of vaccination among this people.

They are not poor, but uneducated.,in every sense.

They are scared, and careless also about everything.

And most important is..painless vaccination
they are more worried about their daily work ,which they have to miss for vaccination.

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Some of them have tried and others heard about it that.. they have to stand in line for nearly 10 hours and still for days… . they don’t get it and
unfortunately its true also..
So ,they are reluctant to do this vaccination process.

And the dangerous part is..
they are the ones who are moving around for our work only and getting in contact with us regularly, as they are part of our lives.

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..80 % of them are not vaccinated.
Like vegetable vendors, istriwala, paper wala, electricians, plumbers, carpernters, delivery persons, sales men of the small shops, milkman etc ..who visits us or enters in our premises most of the time ,who lives in Mumbai’s slums, chawls…
And other remote parts of India .

And they are the one who don’t wear proper masks and hide the infections if they get it.

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In a way they will be the  super speeders of the virus, if they get it .
We have to take care of them, if we wants to survive.

It’s a suggestion, and request to the local corporates, and officials, .to arrange vaccination drive specifically for this people, in the mobile vans ,where authority’s can go in the market areas and vaccinate them directly .

We have to just spread the word ..officially ..that…. come with your Adhar card and get free vaccination immediately, without registrations .

They will happily come and take it..painless vaccination
As you all are aware of all this and must be planning something for all slums..,

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still.. its my sincere request…
Please, start it soon, specifically for this purpose ,as you are doing it successfully otherwise, in all given circumstances. ..

To protect us from 3rd wave… Do it soon…please
Thanks a lot for your co operations.

Take care

Stay safe, Stay blessed.
Sunita Rao Bailur.
Dr. Hemant Bailur.

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