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Paddle board – The Mirage pedal boards by hobie

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Paddle board – The Mirage pedal boards by hobie

Paddle board – The Mirage Dura series




The Mirage pedal boards by hobie, the only stand up paddle boards powered by your feet using mirage drives for propulsion. They allow you to have a fun workout while offering a gliding feeling almost as if you’re flying across the water. Mirage federal boards, which are available in three models, offer stability control and the power to chart your own course. The original Mirage Eclipse allows you to reach exceptional speeds and seamlessly carve turns using fingertip steering controls with minimal setup required, you can easily transition from your car, the dock or your boat to the water in minutes. The board is lightweight, durable and equipped with height adjustable handlebars as seamlessly cut through the water with the pull of a lever. It also has a bungee tie downs for your gear or a cooler and a relaxed, removable kick up rudder that allows you to stay on course with precise turning ability. You can choose to pedal with your legs or lock the rudder into place, therefore transforming your eclipse into a traditional stand up paddle board. Additionally, it has high grip the deck pads that provides soft cushioning for long lasting comfort on the water. It’s easily transportable thanks to its bow and stern handles and optional side carry handles.

The Mirage Dura series is a step up to the Mirage Eclipse, equipped with mighty underwater fins that efficiently propel it forward, just use a natural stepping motion and you can effortlessly power into a headwind or pick it up for an all out sprint. It’s large the deck pad provides care free, high traction footing and comfortable cushioning for all day endurance and increased durability. The Mirage I Eclipse is the first inflatable pedal powered stand up board. It has the same features as the eclipse, but in an ultra lightweight and portable package, the eclipse features an extra wide standing platform with EVA standing pads for super stability in wind waves and wake. It has a new and improved whole construction that reduces weight while increasing durability. Its high tech diagonal drop stitch construction allows it to inflate to 10 psi. It comes with a two piece removable handlebar. High pressure hand pump, high volume electric pump. And a portable travel bag.


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