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Osho – Philosopher Acharya Rajnish Osho

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Osho – Philosopher Acharya Rajnish Osho

Osho – What has the great philosopher Acharya Rajnish Osho said about the great psychologist Sigmund Freud?




Sigmund Freud is called the father of modern psychology. He gave the theory of psychoanalysis. He gave the theory of psychoanalysis.

He studied the influence of subconscious emotions on human behavior. Linked brain and emotions. He wrote extensively on the philosophy of human behavior.

Acharya Rajneesh Osho must have studied psychology a lot, it can be seen in his discourses. In my opinion, the theory of “Sambhoga se Samadhi” that he discovered is a great experiment in spiritual science. So, I think Osho was a “Spiritual Scientist” in a sense.

Freud was the first to try to penetrate the human mind. According to him, childhood events remain in the mind – some events are such that children have to suppress their desires. A desire for sex is one of them. Such latent desires reside in the subconscious mind. And then over time, we see its effects on that person’s behavior. In short, when the repressed lusts for sex erupt according to the occasion, then the latent nature of the person is attacked, and mental disorders are also created there. In other words, sex has a big hand in our mental structure – Osho picks up this principle of Freud.

If the subconscious mind is not opened, it is continuously suppressed, then major psychosis can arise from it – hence he invented psychoanalytic therapy.

Osho also experimented with the same philosophy – “Sambhog se Samadhi”. If sex is so important and can cause psychosis – also in India sex is considered to be the biggest hindrance in the field of spirituality.

So, Osho – Can there be a path to liberation without repressing sex? Emphasize this. According to them, all beings crave the pleasure/sensation experienced during sex over and over again. So where is lust – where is liberation?

Therefore, if you want to destroy cravings, “mindfulness” is the Buddha’s technique, says Osho. If we are always aware, cravings do not arise. Then Osho observed that if one remains alert during sex, there will be no cravings.

Another benefit of doing this was that – the disorders of sex are cultivated in the mind – so if any aversion to sex arises in the mind, it will also destroy the deep subconscious mind about it.

Because of this, Osho thought that people would turn away from sex or enjoyment and turn to samadhi.

But I find that his disciples took Osho’s experiment lightly. “Those who are interested in meditation should proceed in the same way, and those who are interested in love should proceed in the same way,” his disciples did not listen to him despite his clear admonition – some people used to go to Osho’s ashrams just to have fun. It is a tragedy of the times that people are still unable to understand Osho’s theory. Anyway…!

Why did Osho’s experiment fail when there is no flaw in the theory so far? A big question comes up…!

So according to me — when you descend into the spiritual realm, there are thousands of obstacles that arise. A never heard before sound of clocks is heard loudly while meditating, small noises start to disturb, small disorders do not allow to sit still for 2 minutes…. All these are samskaras of the fickle mind, the mind likes, or dislikes being stuck in them.

Further, when the mind is concentrated, the experience of bliss can be felt throughout the body – but at that time, the mind is not ready to let go of this experience. All wise meditators, including the Buddha, agree that the very pleasures of meditation often stand in the way of the long journey to liberation.

Then when the happiness of meditation becomes an obstacle to the next meditation, then how will the experience of material happiness achieve priority in meditation…! (Sex is a very powerful force in the practical world, which Osho failed to understand – Osho seems to have thought only of the spiritual world and sex.)

“Awareness” during sex rarely helps you because there is no interest in it.

Or we don’t get the experience we want in the beginning – this process happens to us only once or twice (at least) … – other times sex fails to create awareness. For that, there should be a lot of mindfulness practice, and only then should one start experimenting with mindfulness in sex. Otherwise, you will be engulfed! (I think this is a common experience of all.






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