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Path On the to immortality

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 Path On the to immortality



Imagine if you could “see” your favorite author,  your ancestors or anyone that you’ve admired over the years but never met !

Now imagine if you could watch them smile, blink or turn their heads. Well, you don’t have to imagine this anymore because it can actually be done.

Most of you must have seen the video that features an animated Bhagat Singh, Swami Vivekananda, Lokmanya Tilak, Kasturba Gandhi

and Aurobindo Ghosh that has gone viral recently. Path On the to immortality

video has been created by Genealogy website My Heritage. Their new tool, called Deep Nostalgia, based on artificial intelligence (AI),

animates the faces in photographs.

According to My Heritage, the site has licensed the technology from an Israeli company D-ID that specializes in video reenactment using “deep learning”.

The animation requires high resolution photographs for which the company uses a photo enhancer to sharpen blurry images.

The technology doesn’t include speech so as to avoid “deepfakes”. However, it has created the voice for the animated video of Abraham Lincoln. Path On the to immortality

You could either find these videos unnerving or fascinating but it is impossible to stay indifferent to this technology.

This technology is revolutionizing life as we know it. AI and virtual reality are on the path to making us immortal !

Multiple companies have applied for patents and are using AI to create virtual beings in the form of chat bots, avatars and even holograms.

A person’s digital footprint in the form of words, photos, videos and texts is collected from all possible online sources as well as social media.

An avatar is manufactured from this data with the purpose creating a digital twin or clone that can interact

while the person is alive and long after they’re dead. Path On the to immortality

Think of your digital clone who looks and behaves like you. This mirror image of the real you

could help you analyze and repair your actions and decisions! The more data it is fed, the more real it will become.

After you’re dead, it will communicate with the friends and family you’ve left behind. Sounds too far-fetched? It is not.

A Korean television show named “Meeting You” is using artificial intelligence and virtual reality to help living people reunite

with the resurrected family members. People use touch-sensitive gloves and audio to hold a

conversation with someone who has passed on. Path On the to immortality

For someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, this technology can prove to be a boon and help them find closure.

There are concerns though. Like everything, AI is a double edged sword.

Whether it will be beneficial to us or will prove to be a hazard remains to be seen. It will probably be a bit of both.

Priya Sathe

Postbox India
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