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Omicron – Appeal to every resident

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Omicron – Appeal to every resident

Omicron – The virus is everywhere

it’s milder, like a flu.. but you never know….
Please ,don’t take any chance of yours and your dear ones life.

Follow this Please.
Don’t wait for someone to start …
you do it.

1. Spray, hypochlorite or Ala detergent liquid or any disinfectant sprey in your corridors, and lifts ,every day,
at least.. twice.
Every floor should do this on their own, ,so lifts will get sanitize several times, as several people are using this lifts.

3..Don’t go out unless it’s emergency.

2..Wear double layered masks all the time ,when you are going out.

3.. Don’t remove the mask, for any reason , when you are out.
The virus can enter your body only through your nose .It’s in the air.

4..If you are staying in congested area, wear it at home also.

5..If you have to keep helpers ,maids …, please make them wear masks all the time.

6.. Don’t allow any vendors, delivery persons, outsiders , workers..etc to enter in the building .
Make them keep every delivery goods downstairs only.
Make less contacts with people .

7.. See to it that every one around your area, all delivery persons are wearing proper masks and they are vaccinated.
If not , please provide them all necessary things..

8.. All other precautions ,as cleaning hands etc, we know by now very well,.. just we have to follow it strictly .

Please , everyone is very busy, but its our social responsibility to look around and help .
It doesn’t take much time , if you really want to help.
And ..if ..
someone is not following the protocols or your society secretary or members, are not doing needful or doing something wrong, please free to call on this no.. 1916..( only for Mumbai)… And ..
every other area of India ,has different help line numbers.., so don’t worry
they will do the needful.
Message us, we will try to help.

And ..talking initiative to help others, is not at all called interference, or poking nose…. , it’s the help , which you are providing to the society. ..
so don’t worry or panic

Don’t wait for anyone’s appropriations.., they won’t appreciate it.,

Just think, we all are obligated by someone’s help all the time in our life’s,..
So please,  pay back your gratitude, when ever and whichever way its possible.  it’s much needed.

Come on friends, leave everything aside, come together and fight this omicron virus, kill your egos ,wrong attitudes, before this virus kills us…
And make everyone’s life safe ,sound, and healthy.

Because of vaccination and all covid protocols ,we can get saved..
Very few will need hospitalization..but looking at our populations …
that 1 % people may need help, …will be in lakhes..our health care system will collapse..
But ..
Saving grace is ..
most of the omicron, covid patients are given treatment at home, no hospitalization is needed .
So.. not to panic. ,but call your doctor, he will decide the treatment. And..please, follow quarantine rules strictly.

Please.. do this ,
It’s now or never.

May God bless… all the health care workers, front line workers, vendors, delivery persons, all the social activists, shopkeepers, bankers, every good soul, 💫 who are working to keep everything in place and save the world . .

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Take care.

Stay safe, Stay blessed.
Sunita Rao Bailur.
Dr. HEMANT Bailur.
Swayam, Self Search

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