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NCB Mumbai launched an operation at Nagpada, Mumbai

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NCB Mumbai launched an operation at Nagpada, Mumbai


NCB Mumbai Seized 1.8 Kgs of Hashish





Anjani Mishra Reports 

Narcotic Dept. of Mumbai launched an operation at Nagpada, Mumbai and seized 1.8 Kgs of Hashish (Commercial Quantity) on

11.07.2021 and intercepted 01 Indian lady. Interrogation of the said accused is going on.

Also on 10.07.2021 NCB MZU launched a drive at the Mahim area of Mumbai which is notoriously know

for drug related activity and intercepted One supplier with intermediate quantity of Hashish along with counselling children and youths of the area.


OPS 1:
On specific information, a team of NCB Mumbai mounted surveillance near Nagpada Junction,

Mumbai and intercepted one lady namely Hussain Bi and seized 1.8 Kgs of Hashish at Nagpada junction, Mumbai on 11.07.2021.

As per preliminary investigation seized Hashish had arrived from Jammu & Kashmir.

During the operation, it was uncovered that off late the drug mafias are using minor children and women

for trafficking of drugs. NCB Mumbai registered the case in Crime No 66/2021.


OPS 2:

Narcotic Dept. of Mumbai had received lots of complaints and representation from Mahim residents about the drug trafficking

prevalent in the Mahim area. Acting on the said representation, a team of NCB officials kept surveillance and

intercepted one drug peddler namely Wasim Mohammad Shamim Nagor from the Mahim beach area on 10.07.2021.

He was caught along with intermediate quantity of hashish. Narcotic Dept. of Mumbai also found many children and teenage users at the place.

They were counselled for the ill effects of drug abuse and there parents were also informed about the situation.

Preliminary investigation had revealed that the said peddler was peddling drugs to lots of young kids in the area

and was slowly making them addicted to the drugs. Further investigation is underway.

Narcotic Dept. of Mumbai  successfully seized 1.8 Kgs of Hashish (Commercial Quantity) Still Investigation Underway.





(Sameer Wankhede, IRS)
Zonal Director
NCB, Mumbai

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