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Navdurga – We …The Housewives, mothers.. Navdurga.

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Navdurga – We …The Housewives, mothers.. .

Navdurga – Devi Maa exists in every woman.



The truth. ..
You are the creator, you are the world .

You are the home maker., you are the back bone of the family.
You have to balance, do all possible circus to run a family, to stay together, to protect them, to create beautiful family within, in all given circumstances.

As everyone knows, kids and men are little careless about most of the things, specially rules , discipline, responsibilities, traditions to follow to live in the society.
So all ladies, you have to be really tough to make them follow all this .

You are born with this jeans ,everyone has allotted different responsibilities to follow in this world… even men…
So be happy, proud, obliged that you are chosen for the best job,
i.e.,… to create a good human beings out of your children.

They don’t like your carefulness, alertness about anything., for that matters, they will call your worrying for them , your love , protective behavior …as nagging, irritating, troubled. ,but you just have to ignore everything and keep doing your duties, inspirit of being insulted .. all the time.
Don’t worry, all the ladies are facing the same situations all the time.  and this behavior of theirs’s, is not only in this pandemic, but generally its every where in the world, taking their mothers and wife’s for granted.

This is the hardest part of your job, but.. as everyone knows for getting good fruit we really have to slog, do hard work .

House Wife’s .. have tremendous patience for everything, you are the true fighter, for your family..
You have love and compassion,
You are the avatar of Navdurga – Devi Maa.

And now .. everyone understood the power of any pandemic.
How you can’t take anything for granted. How everyone has to prepare themselves to face anything, anytime

So…this is the right time for you,  all wife’s, mothers to teach your kids and husband’s to share house hold works.
They have to get trained themselves, for every given situations . if you really love them. .make them independent.

Specifically, Indian mothers, they tend to pamper their husbands and kids ..
please give them responsibilities. Let them learn the hard way …, so they can shine more in their lives.

Otherwise because of pampering, they will find it very difficult to listen and learn anything from their seniors in their workplaces, in this open real world.
They will keep quitting the jobs or because of their haphazard work, they and others will be in trouble.. with their small mistakes, carelessness accidents can happens…

Life is full of adjustments ,you are the actual teacher for them to learn. nowadays, many
divorces and violence in the families are happening.
You can stop most of the things with your proper training .

Life is very difficult, tough..
Train them in time for all difficult situations, so they can stand firmly and can face the problems and can try to live happily in this word .

They need your help.
Kids need the guidance, show them the right path.
That’s what your aim is.

They are not only your children’s but they are the future of the nation.

You have to create a reasonable, good ,obedient, disciplined, hardworking, decent, human being out of you’re own children’s.

Remember, human beings are like a hard rock ,
If you want to create a beautiful sculpture out of the rock. .you have to hammer it very hard , and with full attention,

Become a Chanakya to create Chandragupra , become Jijamata to create Shivaji Maharaj..

And its the toughest job in the teach good things to humans, specially your own children’s.  and you are doing it happily and successfully in your entire life.
Don’t worry about the results, just keep doing it. b Salute.

But your work is not been appreciated by your own family.
Don’t worry, remember ,we are living in this world because of everyone’s beautiful contributions to this world.
Yours’s is one of them .

True, good person, don’t bother.. about any acknowledgment, they just kept doing good deeds.

Its your birthright to create a beautiful person out of your children’s.. Feel great, awesome,…Devin about it.

Mothers , wife’s are facing back answers, bad behavior from their kids, husband’s and other member’s of the family. Sad ..But..
It’s part of your work, its a hard way to achieve something excellent..
Remember nothing is easy .
DON’T give up .
Hold on .
After facing the real world, some day they will realize, your discipline , hard work, worries and unconditional love, you poured on them in your entire life.

Remember, you are…
Navdurga – Devi Maa,
who has always fought with evil of this world.

So now, fight for your rights,
your being, your self respect, your identity… Be proud. .
Because you are the creator.
All males and the members of the family, knows it very well that , if they are in the trouble, you are the one, who will put your heart to protect them .

They know your worth, but just don’t mentions it .
Stop expecting sympathy or pity about being a woman.
Be grateful to God that you are born as a woman, a creator.

Navdurga – Happy Navratri.
Happy Dasara



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Take care. 
Stay safe. Stay blessed. 
Sunita Rao Bailur. 

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