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nasa mission – The successful launch of NASA’s ‘Lucy’ spacecraft

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nasa mission – The successful launch of NASA’s ‘Lucy’ spacecraft

nasa mission – study the ‘Trojan’ asteroids near Jupiter



Another NASA mission has been launched to study the solar system.

Weighing about 1,500 kg and having a length of 6 meters, the spacecraft ‘Lucy’ successfully launched

the spacecraft ‘Atlas-5’ from its base in Florida, USA. The spacecraft will travel for the next 12 years,

photographing 8 different asteroids near Jupiter. From this, these asteroids will be studied.

Why the name ‘Lucy’? The remains of a human skeleton were found in the

African country of Ethiopia around 1974. At the end of the study, it became clear that

these fossils are as old as 3.2 million years ago.

It was later discovered that the skeleton belonged to a woman. Using a word from a famous song of that time,

the name ‘Lucy’ was given to this woman’s partner. These remains changed the direction of anthropological studies.

This is the name given to this spacecraft by NASA. The spacecraft is expected to

change the direction of the study of the solar system.

Two large clusters of asteroids orbit the Sun along the equivalent of Jupiter, back and forth.

These asteroids are known as the Jupiter Trojan of Jupiter. Astronomers believe that these

asteroids have existed since the formation of the solar system. A large planet was not formed at that time,

but its remnants are presumed to be in the form of asteroids. Lucy will then study these asteroids.

This is expected to provide a great deal of information about the formation of the solar system.

The number of these asteroids is more than two and a half million. The Jupiter Trojan contains

asteroids of various sizes ranging in diameter from one kilometer to 100 kilometers. Lucy will study

8 of these large asteroids. Before reaching this asteroid belt, Lucy will be orbiting the

Sun once and the Earth once. NASA has said that this is the first mission in the

world to study such a large number of asteroids near Jupiter.

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