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Mumbai – Girgaon Commemoration

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Mumbai – Girgaon Commemoration



Mumbai – Shantaram Chal is unique in many ways. The owner of this chali, Mr. Bhalachandra Sukthankar,

translated Lokmanya Tilak’s Gitarahasya into English, while his brother,

Mr. Vishnu Sitaram Sukthankar, is famous all over the world for his critical work on Mahabharata.

The clinic of Dr. Malini Sukthankar (Malini Blocks), owner of the chali, was on the ground floor of the chali.

She was a corporator. In the history of Mumbai – Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation,

she holds the honor of being the first woman Chairperson of the Education Committee.

Vedic scholar Sarvashree Kashinath Vaman Lele, Lakshmana Shastri scholars, Kanhere Shastri etc.

narrated Puranas while Dr. Sambare, Prof. Shi. m. Paranjape, Prof. Vs. Go Bijapurkar, Babasaheb Khare etc.

spread freedom through their lectures and created public awareness.

Not only this, it is mentioned that Mrs. Sarla Choudhary sang Vande Mataram as national anthem in the year 1908 Ganeshotsav.

The freedom fighters used the Patangan of Shantaram Chali to create anger and hatred among the Indian people against the British and to urge them for the freedom war.

Along with this, His Holiness Sant Gadge Maharaj, Chaude Bua etc.

created public awareness by building a social movement through Kirtana.

Narayan Maharaj Kedgaonkar started the Satyanarayan ceremony in Patangan of this Shantaram Chali.

The ownership of Shantaram Chalis came to Mr. Vasudev Vishwanath Bedekar,

owner of the well-known industrialist M/s VP Bedekar & Sons during the period 1943 to 1957.

Mrs. Kashitai Maydev, who lived on the ground floor of Bedekar Sadan No. 10, used to have the well-known national kirtan singers B.P. Affle Bua and Koparkar Bua.

On the initiative of Koparkar Bua, the festival of Dasnavami was celebrated with enthusiasm in this wadi.

For the past several years, the work of social awareness has been going on uninterruptedly under the initiatives of Margashirsh Mahotsav and Vyasapeeth,

the initiative of the entire Bedekar family.

Shri Krishnaji Gopal alias Kisanrao Chhatre is a young man of about 90+ years! During his service as an officer in the railways,

the union as well as Nana Palkar Smriti social workers. By spending layer money. Whether going to Mumbai – Viti from Girgaon or in memory of Parel’s Nana Palkar.

Will always walk. The letters are as fine as pearls. Dnyaneshwari, Tukaramgatha, Dasbodh, etc. Kisanrao Chhatre, who writes books in his own autograph, is a pleasant surprise!

The building where the Aram Juice Center is today was the home of the well-known mystery writer Mr. Baburao Arnalkar.

Well-known writer Nath Madhav lived in Mumbai – Khattar Galli. Well-known dramatist Shri Krishnaji Prabhakar alias Kri Pra Khadilkar,

King of Agralekh Shri Nilakantha Khadilkar used to live in Shenvi Wadi. No one would believe that Pul Deshpande was the son-in-law of Mumbai – Girgaon.

But it is true. Pul alias Bhai’s first wife was the daughter of Madhavdas Premji Diwadkar of Chali. But it was short-lived. She died within a few months of marriage.

Music and Girgaonkar are another advaita! Trinity Club used to be on the second floor of the corner building on the tip of Mugbhat.

This club was famous all over India. There is not a single classical singer-player in Hindustan of that time who did not present his art in this Trinity Club.

The name of this road is Pt Bhaskar Bua Bakhale Path. Well-known veteran musician Dutta Dawjekar alias DD,

his daughter renowned playback singer Rekha Dawjekar alias Dr. Aparna Mayekar reside in Mumbai – Bhimrao Wadi.

DD’s son-in-law and veteran sitar player Shri Arvind Mayekar lives in Mumbai – Khetwadi.

The well-known old time singer Nat Sri Anant Damle Aryan lives in front of the school.

Seeing his skill, the freedom fighter Savarkar gave him the title “Nutan Pendharkar”.

Well-known musician Mr. Sudhir Phadke aka Babuji used to stay in Akkalkot Lane while musician Mr. Ashok Patki stayed in the adjoining room.

Veteran musician Shri Yashwant Dev was a student of Hind Vidyalaya School in Angre Wadi,

while veteran santoor player Pt Ulhas Bapat grew up in Mumbai – VP Road Police Colony.

Musician Shri Vishwanath More lives near Pai Maternity Hospital while the families of famous Hindi musicians Kalyanji,

Anandji, Babla, Kanchan live in Dhumma House in Mumbai – Mangal Wadi.

Well-known clarinet player Mr. Prabhakar Bhosale lives in a small room below Sanmitra Bank while his son-in-law,

well-known clarinetist Mr. Madhukar Dhumal lives in a building adjacent to Mumbai – Pai Hospital.

Well-known singer-composer Govind Powle of “Mati Sange Kumbharala, Payi Maj Tudvisi” fame conducts a singing class at Shalawala Building in Mugbhata.

Renowned tabla player Mr. Jagdish Mayekar resides in Karim Building. Renowned music composers Shri Ajay Madan,

Shri Prashant Lalit and Shri Amit Gothiverekar are residents of Government Tabela, Madhavdas Premji Chal and Bedekar Sadan respectively.

Limaye Master used to live in Pimpal wadi in Girgaon. Dhoti was always present. They used to make melodious flutes of various tunes.

Many dignitaries in the field of music from home and abroad used to make flutes from him. It used to have more firangi.

Dr. Prakash Joshi’s clinic is located on the edge of Urankar Wadi. This Dr. Prakash Joshi has a treasure of old Hindi-Marathi folk songs.

His repertoire of Hindi film music is so great that he is present in the clinics of many eminent music lovers.

Dr. Prakash Joshi’s son Dr. Hull is a singer. The voice of Dr Rahul Joshi in a paint advertisement (Barkha Ja…) done by Ranbir Kapoor.

Natyadarpan Pratishthan and Chaturang Pratishthan are a precious heritage given by Mumbai – Girgaon to Maharashtra and in turn to Marathi people.

This sapling, which was planted by Vidyadhar Nimkar of Chaturanga in the building of Madhavashrama, turned into a banyan tree.

Sudhir Damle of Natyadarpan has planned and successfully executed many high quality theater programs in his office adjacent to Kona Restaurant.

Natyadarpan Rajni and Natyadarpan Specials are some examples of it.

Mumbai – Girgaon is a mine of actors, actresses, singers, directors, narrators.

Well-known Hindi actor and first superstar Rajesh Khanna used to live in Saraswati Building while Jumping Jack Jitendra used to live in Shyam Sadan.

Veteran actress Nalini Saraf aka Seema Dev Bhat used to live in Wadi.

Laxmikant Berde, who lived in Kumbhar Wada, honed his inherent qualities as a comedian while working at the Sahitya Sangh Mandir Theatre.

Nut Samrat Prabhakar Panashikar in Angre Wadi, Nut Shreshtha Daji Bhatwadekar in Bhatwadekar Wadi,

Senior Actor Ravi Patwardhan who calls Somya “Chicken’s” in Premji Chali, Ganesh Solanki in the premises of Dutt Mandir in Khota Wadi,

Jayant Savarkar, Sushma Savarkar, Satish Salagre, Medical School Neighbors, Nayan Bhadbhad, Rima Bhadbhade-Lagu,

Urmila Matondkar used to live in Kudal Deshkar Wadi, Channa Ruparel in Mapala Mahal, Atul Kale in Urankar Wadi,

Jairam Hardikar in Narendra Sadan in Mugbhata, Swapnil Joshi and Pradip Patwardhan in Zawba Wadi, Devendra Pem of All The Best fame used to work.

The famous playback singer Mrs. Sulochana Chavan is still living in Koli Wadi. Renowned singer Pramila Datar used to stay in Mapala Mahal.

Mumbai – Girgaon is well known for many historical monuments. India’s first talk show “Alam Ara” directed by Ardeshir Irani was launched on 14 March 1931 in our “Majestic” talkies at Girgaon.

For entertainment in Girgaon there are talkies like Majestic, Central, Roxy, Imperial, Dreamland, Naaz, Silver, Alankar etc.

along with Sahitya Sangh Mandir (Marathi plays), Hinduja Auditorium (Gujarati plays), Birla Krida Kendra (Gujarati-Hindi).

Mention of father and son Dr Anant Bhalerao and Dr Bal Bhalerao is mandatory for Marathi theater movement and cultivation.

Goa Hindu Association, Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh Mandir, Natsamrat Prabhakar Panashikar’s “Natya Sampada”, Sudha Karmarkar’s

Children’s Theater etc enriched Marathi theater.

Agar is the Mumbai – Girgaon of book depots and publishing houses! Lakhani Book Depot, Vidyarthi Book Depot, Student Book Depot,

Bombay Book Depot have always taken care of us Girgaon children. Mauj Prakashan in Khatav Wadi used to be the haunt of famous writers.

Majestic Publications, Tridal Publications, Popular Publications, Ga Ka Raikar Publications, Continental Publications,

Keshav Bhikaji Dhavale Publications, Parchure Publications, Dimple Publications, Jeevandeep Publications have inculcated the reading culture in Girgaonkar.

A place like Mumbai – Girgaon cannot be found for food lovers. Vinayak Keshav & Company opposite Girgaon Church, Raja Refreshment near Majestic,

Goldenville, Veerkar Ahar Bhuvan opposite, Khadpy’s Anantashram world famous for fish lovers in Khota Wadi, Kona Restaurant next door,

Kharvas Special Modern, Govindashram, Satkar, Kshudha Shanti Bhavan, Savarkar’s Prahlad Bhuvan, Tempya’s Vinay Health Home, Kamat in Mugbhata,

Vishnu Bhikaji Hotel, Puranpoli House, Borkarcha Wada, Panipuri in Tarabaget, Madhavashram, Kolhapuri Chivda, Sandu,

Panashikar, Ideal Sweets, Nafde in front of Dutt Mandir, Prakash in front of Phadke Wadi, Ideal Wafers in Khotha Wadi,

Monpara Farsan, Kulkarni Bhajiwale, Nityanand, Voice of India, Sunshine, Gomantak Bakery, Yazdhani Bakery, Arya Ganesh Bakery etc.

have provided us Girgaonkars with tongue tips over the years. Prakash Cold Drink, Aram Juice Center is there to quench thirst.

For shopping we Girgaonkars Sridhar Bhalchandra & Co., Opposite Modern, Girgaon Panche Depot, Ramchandra Keshav & Co.,

Vaman Hari Pethe, Hari Keshav Gokhale, Vaidya, VP Bedekar Spices, Kubal Masale, Thakurdesai, Nanivedekar,

Gurjar Godbole & Co., B A Tarkar Nirbhay Stove, Samarth Watch Company, Acme Watch Company, Babubhai Jagjivandas, Khade Chappal Mart, etc.

used to have abundant options.

If there was any auspicious work in the house, Pawlam Apsuk used to visit the newspaper shops in Kandewadi or other places to inquire at Brahmin Sabha,

Chittapawan, Morar Bagh, Laxmi Bagh, Vishnu Bagh, Kokanastha Vaishya Samaj Hall, Shanti Niwas, Dharamsingh Hall, Santin Baicha Math, Narayan Wadi etc.

VP Road Police Station, Kande Wadi Police Chowki, Girgaon Post Office, Government Printing Press,

Savitribai Phule Women’s Hostel, Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Kaivalyadham, Taraporwala Aquarium, Mafatlal Bath, Queen’s Necklace,

Lokmanya Memorial, Girgaon Chowpatty, Girgaon Court These are not just buildings but living stories.

Mokashi, Daring police officers like Vakatkar, Adv. An expert jurist like Shirodkar,

Patankar of Keshavji Naik who took “delivery” of the pistol sent by freedom fighter Savarkar hidden in a book from abroad,

Bandu Gokhale, the first martyr of the United Maharashtra movement, Jayashree-Rohini-Vasanti, who made the whole world lose their feet in intelligence.

The Khadilkar sisters and the Thakur sisters Minal-Anuja who won world champion positions in snooker-billiards,

Ganesha sculptors Maduskar and Patkar, the renowned architect of Krantinagar,

Mr. Pravin Katvi, who designed the Flora Fountain and Hutatma Chowk, Suresh Dresswala (Aundhkar),

the only person after Sri Krishna to supply textiles, are not people. There are institutions.

That’s why, in the Mumbai – Girgaon court, actor Dilip Kumar had testified before the honorable judge that he loved Madhubala very much.

I was on deputation for audit in western India outside Mumbai for three years. There used to wake up to eat the silence.

We used to skip another holiday and take the available train to Mumbai. When the train stopped at Mumbai Central Station,

even though there was little luggage, he would not wait for number 66 and take a taxi to go home. Seeing the Girgaon Church,

Majestic, I felt as if I had entered into a human being.

Finally our Mumbai – Girgaon to our Mumbai !

Do you recognize me? Yes, yes! I am the same! “Kamala Haasan” in the movie “Pushpak”! Sleeping with a tape recorder close to the ear by recording the sound of noise!

A satisfied Girgaonkar



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