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Mr. Governor of Maharashtra, Swear by not at Thackeray

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Swear by Not at Thackeray, Mr. Governor of Maharashtra 



Mr. Governor of Maharashtra



Abhay Mokashi



As a journalist of the old school, one would have refrained from commenting on the Governor of Maharashtra.

Bhagat Singh Koshyari’s letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddahav Thackeray.

Time and again Koshyari’s has made political statements, which are unexpected from any Governor,

but by the content of today’s letter, he has questioned the Indian Constitution.

This is not a brief for Thackeray, but he has to be appreciated for his stand as a Chief Minister.

He and his party have always stood for Hindutva and he has never been coy of accepting it.

As an ardent supporter of Hindutva and a leader of an aggressive Hindutva party,

he could have ordered the opening of religious places, with Hindu temples outnumbering all other religious places put together.

By announcing the opening of religious places, he would have won the hearts of many, across religions,

especially the blind supporters of Bhartiya Janata Party, whom other issues before the state and the nation, do not seem to matter.

It requires political courage and commitment to the betterment of the people to deviate from the ideology on which one has stood.

It is ironical that those who have said goodbye to their political ideology for personal gains —

political or otherwise– are appreciated, but the BJP and its one time leader, Koshyari,

who still behaves like one, have criticized Thackeray for his act.

It is shocking and shameful that Koshyari, who holds a Constitutional post, should question Thackeray for being secular.

All Indians owe allegiance to the Constitution, which speaks of secularism. Had it been anybody else speaking against the Constitution,

the BJP would be shouting against the person, would have called the person anti-national.

The party leaders would have asked such a person to go to Pakistan; oh Koshyari is already in POK!

By his letter, Koshyari has brought down the dignity of the Governor’s post, once again.

He has also made it clear that he follows the Hindutva agenda of the BJP and the RSS.

He should have backed the Chief Minister. It would have been graceful of him, if he had lauded Thackeray for his stand,

though he is a staunch follower and leader of Hindutva. He should have assured the

Chief Minister of his support in keeping religious places closed in public interest.

Even the Opposition should stop playing politics on this issue. The BJP is protesting all over the state demanding the opening of temples,

but is silent on the problems of the masses, especially the underprivileged, who anyway do not matter to the party.

In the current situation it is expected that the President and the Chief Justice of India should intervene in the matter,

since the Governor has questioned the basic structure of the Constitution. The Governor of Maharashtra should be asked to step down.

Abhay Mokashi

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