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Mini washing Machine – Removes Graffiti Without water or chemical

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Mini washing Machine – Removes Graffiti

Without water or chemical

Mini washing Machine – eco friendly and minimally abrasive cleaning technology


The Mini washing Machine tornado aches and eco friendly and minimally abrasive cleaning technology

that uses an innovative vacuum blast method without using high

pressure water or chemicals made in Germany by mistake or cleaning technology.

It’s a perfect alternative to pressure washer sandblasting and dry ice blasting.

It can easily remove graffiti Devenish and remove lacquer from surfaces.

It can even safely take off nail polish in a jiffy as well. The tornado aches, cleans

and continuous circulation and uses negative pressure instead of high pressure,

this vacuum blasting method success granules body created negative pressure

from the granule container and accelerates the medium to 400 kilometers per

hour into the jet lands. Besides graffiti removal, the Tornado X can clean floors,

facades, bricks and limestones. Lime deposits can be removed efficiently,

even if the deposits are quite dense. It can also be used on non-slip tiles of swimming pools

and thermal baths, where grout cleaning can be an especially arduous task.

Boats can also be cleaned and lacquer can be removed before repainting.

It’s also great for stair building and fire restoration. The tornado aces can

also be used for hospital cleaning, especially in surgery rooms, where strict

regulations apply regarding surface cleaning. Thanks to its close circulation

system, granules and remove pollutions are kept inside of the machine,

allowing an optimum cleaning performance. Additionally, the vacuum blasting

method can be used for photo engraving on black granite and QR codes on natural stone.

There are numerous advantages to vacuum blasting. Anyone can use the tornado aces,

so special skills or training are not required. The closed circuit of the cleaning machine

allows dust reworking. Therefore, protective clothing and eyewear are not necessary.

Plus, it can be used in public areas with high foot traffic. Its light, compact,

quiet and easy to handle, it’s also applicable in frost. 




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