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Mercedes future truck – The Future Truck 2025

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Mercedes future truck – The Future Truck 2025


Mercedes future truck – autonomous semi-truck developed by German automaker





The Future Truck 2025. A prototype of an autonomous semi-truck developed by German automaker

Mercedes Benz and the engineers at Daimler Trucks. The sleek and futuristic semi-truck is a glimpse

at what’s in store for an upcoming revolution in long distance road transport, Mercedes-Benz is utilizing

its semi-autonomous driving technology that’s already available on its S-Class sedans and co-pays.

Its unexpected beauty can be driven by an automated system called Active Drive Assist,

where the human does the thinking, but the computer does the driving. So the driver is seated behind the wheel,

but he or she will be able to work on a tablet computer, planned the next journey or

check on the condition of the freight stored on smart pallets in the semi-trailer. This semi truck,

which can reach speeds up to 80 kilometers per hour or about 50 miles per hour,

has soft rounded contours in a grid of powerful LEDs. When operating in manual mode,

its lights shine wide. But when it’s operating in auto driving mode, its lights transition to

a pulsing blue to notify drivers nearby. The brain behind this semi-autonomous operation is this highway pilot,

which is a system comparable to autopilot on a plane in order to get the full picture of its surroundings.

Future Truck 2025 House is a network of radar sensors and cameras that capture the spatial

awareness required for autonomous driving. It also features new blind spot detection technology

that optimizes the onboard radar to monitor each side of the truck. It doesn’t have standard exterior mounted mirrors,

but instead interior mounted screens. Using vehicle to vehicle communication,

the truck automatically changes lanes to allow enough room to pass a car broken down

on the side of the road when an emergency vehicle approaches from the rear.

The semi-truck will pull over to allow room to pass. The future truck Twenty Twenty Five

also includes a three dimensional digital map, which corresponds with this predictive power train control

for BBC technology. These co-mingling systems react to fluctuations in the terrain and topography

and therefore help maximize fuel efficiency. The semi-truck could revolutionize the long haul trucking industry,

especially if government restrictions related to autonomous driving become more relaxed in the near future.


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