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Mercedes Benz showroom – Self Driving Transport

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Mercedes Benz showroom – Self Driving Transport

Mercedes Benz showroom – vehicle concept by Mercedes Benz




The Vision Urban, a futuristic self-driving vehicle concept by Mercedes Benz fans.

This isn’t an ordinary autonomous vehicle, however.

It has an electrically powered chassis that has interchangeable bodies

that can be switched out depending on its intended use.

Sleek and sophisticated with an innovative design, the Vision Urban Network

can transform into a ridesharing vehicle with a people mover body that can

accommodate up to 12 passengers.

The cargo module functions of the classic goods transporter. It’s also equipped with

a super efficient variable load floor, which can be divided into two levels.

Given this versatile cargo feature, the Vision Urbanity can transport up to 10 pallets,

which is a standard European pallet made of wood. This multifaceted new spin on Havana’s

five point one four meters in length and has a load space that is three point seven meters

in length. Mercedes-Benz Vans has made a point to utilize the vans maximum amount of space.

It also comes equipped with a lot of windows and a large panoramic

moonroof that’s surround by an LED light display. It seats are configure in a circle,

with two level seating in the back of the pod. This revolutionary mobility concept,

which made its world premiere in Copenhagen, also embodies an intelligent,

self-learning IT infrastructure, IT systems architecture guarantees road

adaptation using real time traffic information.

Also, a part of the IT system is the operators is autonomous fleet management,

which seamlessly plans and executes routes flexibly and efficiently based on

current transportation needs. Customers and companies can download a user

friendly app to easily and intuitively register their transport and moving needs.

Vision Urban Network takes autonomous vehicle to a whole new level by merging

passenger and goods transport into one multidimensional vehicle.

The Vision Urban Network offers on demand sustainable and efficient movement of people and goods,

which is ideal for fulfilling the requirements of cities businesses from diverse sectors.

In addition to city dwellers and travelers. According to Mercedes-Benz, Vans Division,

Urbanity Concept reduces traffic flows, relieves inner city infrastructures and contributes

to an improved quality of urban life. Its electric drive in autonomous driving

allows for the option to have late or night delivery without noise pollution and CO2 emissions.



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