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medical bathtub – Electric medical bathtubs

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medical bathtub – Electric medical bathtubs

medical bathtub – for safely wash patients







When caring for residents or patients with ailments or debilitating conditions or diseases.

Health care professionals often rely on supportive equipment in order to provide safe,

dignified and quality care. For over 60 years, audio has been providing products

and solutions worldwide that ensure ergonomic patient handling, hygiene,

disinfection diagnostics and the effective prevention of pressure injuries and

venous thromboembolism, or VTE for short.

The Audio Parker Bathing System is designed to enable independent assisted

transfers into and out of the tub. Its height adjustable and features a unique swinging door.

The Parker transitions from sitting to reclining, therefore allowing the caregiver and

resident to choose their preferred position. This feature offers smooth access for

patients and residents with mobility level accuracy without the need for additional weightlifters.

The park is also suitable for residents with mobility level D when

accompanied by a passive ceiling lifter. Additionally, the Parker has multiple

levels of anti scalding protection, including clear temperature displays,

temperature and pressure, regulated mixing valves and automatic hot water

shut off when exceeding safe temperature. To further enhance relaxation and optimize

the wellness benefits of bathing, residents can also choose from immersion,

bathing air spas and sound and vision.

The audio rhapsody’s a height adjustable assisted bathing solution that meets

the needs of all mobility levels, the Rhapsody comes in a range of bath shapes that

are fully compatible with ADRs full range of bath lifters, offering the flexibility to

choose the right solution for the resident or patient.

The Rhapsody features a unique keyhole shape, the specific profile is designed

to provide greater access to the resident’s upper body and offers additional shoulder

space when reclining in the tub. To make it more therapeutic than Rhapsody

also offers optional hydro massage, hydro sound and sound and vision multi-sensory features.

Like the Parker, the Rhapsody also has a. scaffolding and safety features,

plus it has emergency lowering in the event of a power outage.

It also has an optional integrated disinfectant dispensing system,

which cleans and disinfects the top and transfer equipment,

while the hot water flush features help prevent bacteria growth in the pipe work.



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