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marriage wishes – on the night of honeymoon?

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marriage wishes – What should a newly married girl prepare for honeymoon night?

First it was answered: marriage wishes – What should a newlywed girl prepare for the honeymoon night?

First enter the room and finish the program of drinking husband’s milk etc. This time it will work even if you are a little embarrassed, but don’t be too shy, the husband will be in a hurry. Finish the milk immediately.

Then if there is a cupboard, wooden or iron wall in the room, put the key in it.

Some people keep their mobiles in such places and misscall them late at night,

If there is a long stick, keep it near, it can be under the bed in the middle of the bed, it will be easier to take out the mobile without lifting the bed.

If there is a window in the room, if there is only one door leaf, then some rubbing is done on it and noise is made, be careful with that,

If there is a ceiling fan, if there are no colorful flowers on the fan, check it and turn on the fan.

Lay the mattress on the floor under the mattress and then lay the sheets on it, keep some extra sheets next to it.

The mattress is painted in a certain color by some vatarat congregation which is not usually visible to the naked eye, but the whole body glows the next day, so to speak, be careful,

If this is not possible, wipe the mattress with a slightly damp cloth.

So we have to prepare for Ashtavadhani that we are patrolling the border of India, etc.

marriage wishes – On the night of the honeymoon, the girls are afraid of how the husband will react, and there the husband is in a hurry to prove his manhood.

And if the mind is not fully prepared, the body just reacts, there is no reaction.

So if the husband agrees, you can chat with him all night long.

Because plum and marriage wishes – between the two of you may have already become emotionally close by talking on the phone and this physical meeting in front of each other for the first time can be a bit confusing,

something like that…)

As soon as you chat, this fear goes away, the atmosphere becomes a little lighter, the mind also starts giving signals from within,

Then in the morning hug each other and get a good night’s sleep, either get married, then worship, then Devdev and finally Satyanarayana, in which the body will get tired, so he needs rest, we do just the opposite .

And yet the eye for it has fallen for marriage wishes – honeymoon, what to do there, on the contrary, there is greater solitude in the house than solitude, but some people are in a hurry to do basic registration at home,

In the morning, if something happens while sleeping holding each other in your arms, let it happen. In such a time, the reaction is more important.

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