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mark twain about Varanasi – Water of Ganga’

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mark twain about Varanasi – Water of Ganga’



water of the Ganga’s, remarks in his “More Tramps Abroad – mark twain about Varanasi





Mark Twain speaking of some test, by Mr. Hankins the scientist in Government employ at Agra in connection

with the water of the Ganga’s, remarks in his “More Tramps Abroad ” (Pages 343 – 44)

” It had long been noted as a strange things that while Benares is often afflicted with cholera she does not spread

it beyond its borders. This could not be accounted for. Mr Hankins , the scientist in the employ of the Government at Agra

concluded to examine the water. He went to Benares and made his tests. He got water at mounths of the sewers

where they empty in to the river at the bathing Ghats ; a cubic centimeter of it contained millions of cholera germs;

at the end of six hours they were all dead. He caught a floating corpse, towed it to the shore, and from beside it he dipped up

water that was swarming with cholera germs , at the end of six hours they were all dead. ( mark twain about Varanasi )

” He added swarm after swarm of cholera germs to this (Ganga’s) Water; within six hours they always died,

to the last sample . Repeated he took pure well water which was barren of animal life and put into it a few cholera germs;

they always began to propagate at once and always within six hours they swarmed and were numerable by

millions upon millions for ages the Hindus have had absolute faith the water of the Ganges was utterly pure,

could not be defiled by any contact whatsoever, and infallibly made pure and clean whatsoever thing touched it .

they still believed it, and that is why they. bathe in it and drink it. the hindus have been laughed at these many generations

but the laughter will need to modify itself a little from now on. how died they find out the waters secret in those ancient ages ?

had the germ-scientists then? we do not know. we know that they had a civilization long before we emerged from savagery. “

in confirmation of this may be quoted what the Indian medical gazette notes :–

” it would appear as if modern science was coming to the aid of the ancient tradition in maintaining

a special blessedness of the water of the Ganges. Mr E.H.Hankins in the preface to the fifth edition of his excellent pamphlet ‘

on the cause and prevention of cholera writes as follows :– ” since l originally wrote this pamphlet I have discovered that the

water of the Ganges and the jumna is hostile to the growth of cholera microbe , not only owing to the absence of food materials ,

but owing to the actual presence of an antiseptic that has the power of destroying this microbe .

at present I make no suggestion as to the of this mysterious antiseptic. ” ( mark twain about Varanasi )



From - More Tramps Abroad

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