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light vehicle –  Anti RAM road vehicle barrier

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light vehicle –  Anti RAM road vehicle barrier

light vehicle –  barricade that protects civilians and military personnel




Anti RAM road vehicle barrier by mail from security, Stop speeding vehicle,

a lightweight modular vehicle barricade

that protects civilians and military personnel. Type kit, it’s use to prevent terrorist attacks

and protect stadiums, festivals, events, military bases, hospitals, harbors, seaports and

railway stations, etc. It’s quick and easy to deploy and dismantled by one to two agents

with no to minimum manpower and tools. Tens of thousands of units have been deploy

in urban areas and combat zones worldwide. It’s use by the US Army and U.S. Air Forces

and security forces, the FBI, municipal police forces, event operators, military special forces, etc..

There are three versions, the original MVP or the modular vehicle barrier.

There will be three x and the Hercules one hundred. The movie, or the original version

has a special L-shaped design that blocks trunks and can bring vehicles to a

halt by transferring the vehicles as horizontal momentum to a vertical momentum.

The barrier directs the momentum downwards into the ground to radically reduce

forces its forward momentum as a part of its service will run security provides the

stopping distance and a number of barriers needed for any weight and vehicle speed.

Equipped with an innovative pivot system, it allows the barrier to be used as a swing

gate for a vehicle inspection or allowing emergency service vehicles to move in or out of event areas.

This non-lethal solution assists in blocking vehicles and AIDS vehicle control without

destroying the vehicle. And beat three eggs for the third generation province, ramming

vehicles from entering into restricted areas. It shifts the momentum of the vehicle to the

ground and stops heavy trucks up to seven point five tons. It’s made to help municipal forces,

police forces, event operators, military and special forces and can be used on sandy,

rocky and rough terrain, gravel and asphalt. It’s satisfactory for urban and high level threat areas.

The Hercules One Hundred is the first modular and mobile heavy barrier that stops heavy

trucks weighing up to 18 tons. It’s perfect for fast deployment, multi terrain, asphalt and gravel.

It’s appropriate for urban areas and high level trade zones considered a must have

for every perimeter security professional. The horizontal momentum is converted to

Its flexible length allows for individual

units to fit together or apart to accommodate different vehicle and road sizes.



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