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Laxmi puja – How to perform Laxmi Puja for Diwali at home.

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laxmi puja – How to perform Laxmi Puja for Diwali at home.



Laxmi puja – to perform Laxmi Puja at home for abundance and happiness blessings.



How to perform Laxmi Puja for Diwali at home on the day of Diwali.

It is considered auspicious to perform Lakshmi Puja at home for abundance and happiness blessings.

Also known as Laxmi Kuber Puja, it is usually done in the evening to invite the wealth goddess home.

Here is the step by step guide to perform Diwali Laxmi Puja at home and gain her graceful blessings.

Step one Clean your home, clean your home is very important during Diwali.

As Goddess Laxmi does not like untidiness after cleaning, sprinkle gang agile holy water from river Ganga,

if possible, to purify the surrounding. Step two Set up the sacred altar in your puja room or sacred altar.

Spread a red cotton cloth on a table or stool and keep a handful of grains in the center. Step three.

Place a collage or sacred pot. Place a collage native silver or bronze in the middle of grains and fill 75 percent of the pot with water.

Put one betel nut, a flower, a coin and some rice grains. Please.

Five mango leaves at the Kalash mouth in a circular pattern. Step four Place Laxmi and Ganesh idols for puja.

Place the idol of Goddess Laxmi in the center and idol of Lord Ganesh on the right side in the southwest direction of the collage.

Take a small plate and make a small quantity of rice grains. Draw a lotus flower with turmeric powder.

Put some coins and place it in front of Lakshmi Idol. Step five. Place wealth or profession related items.

Now place your business or accounts. Book and other wealth or business related items in front of Lakshmi Idol.

Step six Apply Kumkum and light lamp. Apply Kumkum to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh and light lamps.

Apply Kumkum to the Kalash also. Step seven Offer flowers. Offer flowers to Ganesh and Laxmi.

Keep some flower in your palm for prayer. Step eight Recite sacred mantras.

Place a flower in your palm and join your hands for prayer. Close your eyes and recite sacred mantras for Ganesh and Laxmi.

After prayer, offer the flower in your palm to Ganesh and Laxmi. Step nine Perform for Laxmi.

Place the Laxmi idol in a plate and bathe it with water, followed by Panchamrut ,

a mixture of milk, curd, ghee or clarified butter, honey and sugar. Bathe it again with water,

wipe with a clean cloth and place the idol back on the Kalash. Step 10 Offer garland, offer turmeric powder,

kum kum and rice to Laxmi. Idol offer a garland of cotton beads around the neck of the goddess

and lighten incense stick in front of the idol. Step 11 Offer fruits and sweets.

Offer a coconut betel leaves and nuts flowers to the goddess. Offer fruit and sweets to the goddess.

Put some flowers and coins in front of the idol. Step 12 Perform Laxmi.

Aarti take a lamp in a plate puja bell and offer sacred, earthy light offering to the goddess.

Let Goddess Laxmi fill your homes with wealth, peace, happiness and abundance this Diwali.




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