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Kamalja temple – Lonar

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Kamalja temple is of Hemadpanti type





It is in Lonar lake. Seeing the lotus temple is a great trekking experience.
If you are going to Shegaon, visit here too Lonar Sarovar is a saltwater lake in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra State. It was created by a meteorite. This crater came into existence due to a meteorite about 50 thousand years ago. In the year 1823, Alexander, a British man, brought it to the world.

Of course, it is mentioned in Skanda Puran, as well as Ain-e-Akbari. It is the 5th largest crater in the world. Tourists from abroad come here but it is a pity that devotees visiting Shegaon do not visit here.

150 km from Aurangabad city. It is at a distance. It is 100 KM from Shegaon. It can be reached here in 2 hours from Akola as well. Shegaon, Sindkhed Raja (Birthplace of Jijaun) – Also the 105 feet tall Maruti at Nandur is on a day trip. It is not visible until you reach the shores of this lake. The lake is about 1.5 KM in diameter and 450 feet deep and is surrounded by thick forest. MTDC has its Yatri accommodation here.

Lonar is the only large impact crater in basalt rock. Lonar crater has been declared a wildlife sanctuary for conservation and conservation of Lonar lake. Some researchers claim that this lake may have been formed by an asteroid impact on Mars. The evidence that strengthens this claim is Dr. Tambekar’s research has found.

A Martian virus was found in this lake about fifty thousand years ago and its name is ‘Bacillus ODC’. A.D. In 2004, the existence of this virus was discovered by the NASA spacecraft during its mission to Mars. There are temples in this area dating back to around twelve hundred years ago. 15 of these temples are in the crater itself.

Vishnu temple is a Khajuraho-style temple. It is said to be a fragment of the Maruti meteorite from the Maruti temple there. The compass does not work there, of course, I did not have a compass when I went there, so I could not verify the truth.

According to the mythological legend, Lord Vishnu killed a demon called Lavanasura. It is from his name that this lake and this area got the name Lonar. British officer J. e. Alexander This crater was recorded in 1823. Also in ancient texts like Aina-e-Akbari, Padma Purana, and Skandha Purana, there is a reference to Vivara. Anciently this lake was referred to as ‘Virajatirtha’ or Bairjatirtha.

My father-in-law Kai Bhide Guruji (Talim Master) mentions in his autobiography that he visited Lonar.

Sindkhedaraja is also near Lonar. Jijau’s birthplace can also be visited there. To the north of Shegaon is Narnala Fort.

It is in the core zone of Melghat Sanctuary. Be sure to see tigers too.



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