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judicial custody – The Aftermath of the Cruise Raid !

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judicial custody – The Aftermath of the Cruise Raid !



judicial custody – No Bail For Aryan shahrukh khan





If you say all is over, No, not all is over! Aryan Shahrukh Khan’s arrest by the Narcotics Control Bureau will surely have an after effect and we can see the same over the past 4 days. Political parties have been at loggerheads as if Aryan Khan belongs to either one of them. It is shameful to see some section of the society be it Bollywood or even a few leaders of parties coming out in support of Aryan Khan and protesting his arrest and going to an extent to say there were no drugs on the cruise. Had the NCB gone mad or what to raid like this and do something of this sort? Be it me, Shahrukh Khan or even the political emperor of our state, we are all sitting on a time-bomb ready to explode in every household of our city/state/country if we don’t tackle it. The time-bomb is DRUGS. And we have to be 1 in this fight. Drugs and Anti National Activities. If you are divided on this, clearly the country’s enemies have won.

In my last blog I had said Aryan was caught whilst frisking at the Green gate. But then, one other theory is floating in the market. Thought of sharing. So on a tip off, the NCB went inside the cruise actually looking for some Kashiff Khan who is also the country head for Fashion TV. On their way to search for this Khan with 1500 people on board, NCB encountered one Myron Mohit. Mohit is one of the organisers of the famous ‘Sunburn’ at Goa. When the NCB asked Myron for the whereabouts of Kashiff, Myron gave haphazard answers. One tight slap across his cheek and immediately a suite number was given. Best part is, the suite which NCB raided, Kashiff Khan, who was also one of the sponsors/organiser of this cruise party, was NOT found. Who got unlucky there and was caught? It was Aryan Shahrukh Khan who was in that suite with his pals Marchant and Munmun. Drugs were seized and when the NCB got the big fish, automatically the agenda to catch Kashiff was shifted. By the way, it is said, Gopal ji Anand who is one of the 4 organisers of this cruise party, is said to be a close associate of Kashiff. And Now Kashiff is also summoned by the NCB. Now why permission was not required for a powerful person like Kashiff, it is for the agencies to find out. Right for DG shipping to Mumbai Maritime Board, why was the cruise not having any permit, can be only found out from interrogating Kashiff. This is how Aryan Khan was caught, and yes as NCB says, with drugs! ( judicial custody – Bail rejected Aryan shahrukh khan )

It came as a surprise for me to see celebs and a section of society coming in support of SRK and his son. One was actor Suneil Shetty. Aree Sunil Bhai, isn’t your daughter Athiya dating cricketer K L Rahul? I assume so as I follow Athiya on Instagram and your daughter is seen roaming the world with KL and spending her holidays. Just FYI, it is the same KL Rahul who with Hardik Pandya on one of the episodes of Koffee with Karan had said things which even the likes of Karan Johar (the host) had to apologise for. Readers, if that episode is on-air even now, google it. You will be angry and aghast by these 2 cricketers too, for the things they have said and the things they do. Sunil bhai, Rehene Dijiye please…Secondly I was surprised to see Sussanne Khan (Hrithik Roshan’s ex wife) come in support of SRK. Hmmm…No further comments. Social media and Google is full of stories of Sussanne and her antics. Readers, don’t even bother. ( judicial custody – Bail rejected Aryan shahrukh khan )

Now coming to sensational claims of NCP Cabinet Minister Nawab Malik’s presser. Malik said that Bhanushali is a BJP Karyakarta and how come he and Gosawi accompanied the NCB in the raid? Fair objection raised! But did these karyakarta’s accompany NCB to arrest Gandhi ji or Mandela, Malik ji remains my question? NCB immediately held a 2 minute press conference. Made it clear that allegations of Malik are baseless and it is sheerly coming out of actions taken by the NCB few months ago on his son-in-law. For those who have forgotten, the son-in-law of Malik was arrested for nearly 8 months by the NCB. Hence Malik holding a grudge against NCB is a non-brainer. But NCB played it very cool. In that 2 minute presser, they said both Gosavi and Bhansuhali are witnesses. As NCB said, those who have issues for the presence of Bhanushali and Gosawi, let them go to the courts, they shall answer it there. ( judicial custody – Bail rejected Aryan shahrukh khan )

Now many are saying why are Central agencies such as CBI, ED, IT and NCB are active in Maharashtra? Let me answer this one. We have come to a stage wherein our ex Home Minister is missing, our ex Police Commissioner is missing and the system is collapsing. The Governance has gone for a toss. There were again drugs caught in Dongri after Aryan Khan’s arrest. Are income tax ED and others troubling you? They are raiding people who have crossed all the limits. And yes, one for those who are filling my inboxes to ask about that Rs. 20,000 crores worth of drugs in Gujarat. Mind you, they were caught na, not supplied in the market right? Where and what is the issue? Let the NCB get to the bottom of it. Then be it anyone, if SRK is not spared, why will they spare anyone else? ( judicial custody – Bail rejected Aryan shahrukh khan )


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