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Japan Olympic – Torchbearer

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Japan Olympic – Torchbearer

Japan Olympic – Torchbearer


What is the secret to longevity ? Healthy eating, consistent exercise, proper sleep schedule, living in the moment, having a purpose in life and a loving circle of friends and family are considered to be a few of them. It is believed that people who lead a happy and ‘active’ life not only overcome adversities but are also better equipped to beat disease.

Presently the world’s oldest person is 118-years-old Kane Tanaka, who was born more than a century ago, on January 2, 1903.
Tanaka was born the same year the Wright brothers achieved powered flight! That does seem like a long long time ago, doesn’t it ?

Ms. Tanaka is from Japan, the country that has the longest life expectancy (87.1 for women and 81.1 years for men) of any country in the world. Japan has held the top spot since 1980.

Kane Tanaka married a rice shop owner at the age of 19 and worked in the family store until she was 103. She has five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. lived through two world wars and two pandemics! She has credited family, sleep and hope as her secrets for longevity.

Ms. Tanaka was infected with paratyphoid fever at the age of 35. She underwent pancreatic cancer surgery at the age of 45. She was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and underwent surgery when she was 103 years old. Despite all these major illnesses, she has a positive attitude towards life. She always looks forward to what’s in store instead of dwelling in the past. She keeps her brain active by learning Math’s and Calligraphy. One of her favorite pastimes is the classic board game Othello and she regularly beats staff at the rest home in Fukuoka where she lives. She enjoys eating chocolates and drinking coke.

Kane Tanaka will soon inspire people to stay active and not let age become a barrier in pursuing what they want to do. She is set to carry the Olympic torch this May in Japan!
She will participate in Tokyo’s Olympic Torch Relay, taking the flame as it passes through Shime, in her home prefecture of Fukuoka. Ms. Tanaka will be pushed in a wheelchair by her family for most of the 100-meter or so trek. However, she is planning on walking the final few steps, as she passes the torch to the next runner.

Kane Tanaka will be setting a new record as the oldest Olympic torchbearer. She has now set her eyes on another record – that of being the the oldest person to ever live. Ms. Tanaka is proving to be a torchbearer for positive thinking and active living.



– Priya Sathe

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