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jacket design – The shelter suit

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jacket design – The shelter suit

jacket design – saving wind and waterproof jacket




The shelter suit, a life saving wind and waterproof jacket that transforms into

a sleeping bag to provide immediate shelter to the homeless who deserve warmth,

protection and dignity. jacket design – This innovative protection from the harsh elements

consists of a jacket, a sleeping bag and a duffle bag. The jacket is made from

high quality, breathable tent fabric, and the inner lining is made from upcycled

sleeping bags, therefore making each shelter suit one of a kind. And that did

feature to the shelter suited its large hood that is made to shield one’s face

from rain and streetlights. It also incorporates a scar for further protection.

The shelter suit is a passion project of a compassionate and forward thinking

Dutch designer named Bass Timmer. He was inspired by a heartbreaking story of

a friend who lost his father to hypothermia due to being vulnerable to frigid

weather conditions while living on the street. This risk is real for millions of

people globally who are forced to sleep outside in the cold due to poverty,

mental illness, unexpected loss of jobs from COVID 19 or natural disasters and wars.

Tamer, who had started his own clothing line after finishing at

the Fashion Academy at a rock event event realized that high end clothing wasn’t his mission.

Instead, he wanted to help those in need who didn’t even have

a proper code for survival. From the impactful creation of the shelter suit

came the Shelter Suit Foundation, which gives shelter suits free of charge

to homeless people and refugees. The Shelter Food Foundation has been

able to keep over 6000 people living on the streets or in refugee camps warm.

Since 2014, Shelter Suit has been designing and manufacturing emergency

disaster relief and multifunctional products. It has partnered with local NGOs

and shelters to comprehend the actual needs of each community.

It uses twenty one thousand kilograms of upcycled materials,

which are created from the textile industry surplus of fabrics.

And additionally, one hundred and twelve jobs were created for

former refugees and formerly homeless individuals to close the loop

and create job opportunities for communities to overcome poverty. 


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