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Mission begins – Sunita Rao Bailur

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Mission begins,

Join the fight against Corona virus.

Thanks you ,everyone for your tremendous support.
We really have a good start for sanitization with hypochlorite spray.

As everyone knows the situations around, Dadar… being commercial hub ,we are hit very badly with covid .
Dadar is becoming like Dharavi’s 1st phase.
Very happy to inform you all , we have donated 6 machines with hypochlorite spray,.. around Dadar, Khandke
buildings , R. K Vaidya rd and Prabhadevi., near Plaza and In different chawls.. and they are successfully using it .

With tremendous efforts,  most of the shopkeepers and business persons around Kabutarkhana, Ranade road Plaza etc, in Dadar , and Shantidoot market, Bhuleshwar etc ,have made a team of nearly 10 shops and come together and bought the machines for using the hypochlorite spray regularly to kill the virus spreading around us ..
And our serial industry, has responded in big way. Most of the serials, who have started shootings, are using it regularly. .According to our sources nearly 1500 machines, have been bought, in Mumbai in this month..
Friends, this is incredible. People are responding.
Very soon we will be able to cover entire Mumbai…and all over India.
Some of our friends, in America, Australia etc have started using it, in their own society’s.
Yes friends, its happening.

I am trying to do it in, all commercial areas around Mumbai , and in our country and abroad with your help.

Guys,  this is the only way to protect us from this virus spreadings around us …

I am trying my level best to educate people, the worth of hypochlorite spray on this pandemic.
I know you all well meaning people, must be putting your share to stop the virus.

I hope now you all will take initiative to educate and if possible, to donate near your slums and chawls to make them safe,by using hypochlorite spray…and of course your own building’s.

Friends if something happens to me ,I know you all will take this mission ahead, and try to save yourself and others.



Stay safe, Stay blessed.
Sunita Rao Bailur.
Swayam, Self Search.

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