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Indian embroidery fashion – KASUTI OF KARNATAKA

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Indian embroidery fashion – KASUTI OF KARNATAKA


Indian embroidery fashion – kasuti is famous in Karnataka and is very much like the embroidery


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kasuti is famous in Karnataka and is very much like the embroidery of Spain, Austria, Hungary.  kasuti is a domestic ART.

During the chalukya period there was  revival of art, culture and learning by building temples all over South.

the important temples were caves of Badami, temples of Madurai, Tanjore etc. the women who 

witnessed the building operations gone expressions to their artistic. arge through colorful art work such as kasuti embroidery.

This embroidery was posed down from generation to generation. No books of classes were conducted to teach this art.

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in kannad language ‘Kasuti means Embroidery’. 

Articles : Formerly kasuti was done on fine Garments – 

(1) Kunchi (Bonnet and Cape Combined )

[2] lenga (skirt)

(3) shanagu (Pallov of saree)

4) kasuba (Bodice)

[5] kulai (Bonnet)

These were garments which women and children used.  earlier kasuti was done mostly on ‘khanns’

(thick Cosement cloth used for blouse pieces) and irkal ( used for sarees, lehenga etc. ) and on various garments.

In oldes times the thread used for kasuti were drawn out from the cloth itself. Today mercerized cotton commonly used,

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a knot is Neves put at the end of the thread before beginning of the work or at the end of work.

The colors used mostly are arrange, green, purple and red. The color combinations are red, orange and purple.

red, green and orange. White is predominantly used on dark green and lemon yellow are hardly used.

Types of stiches are : 

1. Gavanti – This to the most common stitch. it is a line and back stich or double running stich The pattern are 

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mostly geometrical since they are worked in vertical horizontal and diagonal direction. Here the design appears identical on both the sides.

2. Murgi – This appears like the steps of a lades since the stiches ore zig-zog running stitch.

The stiches are regular and uniform in length so the distance between two stiches remain the same. 

3) Negi – This is ordinary running stich of  droning stich. It has an overall effect of woven design Negi comes from the world.

Ney  which means covering in wearing in kannad language.

the stitch rusembles woven pattern with extra.west and hence the right and wrong sides are not identical. 

4. Menti – this is ordinary cross stich. the name is derived from the word fenugreek seeds in kannad Language. This stich has on heavy appearance.

it is worked with stiches close together by counting of two war and two welt threads.

Nowadays it is used commonly to cover up the background area. 

5. Motits –  The factors that influence.  kasuti embroidery Is religion the architect of the religion and object of daily use. 

temple top the majestic Chariot [rath] polki L Polangum]. Lotus flowers The motifs used are gopuram of south India

which means temple top. the majestic chariot [ Rath ], palki [ palangum ], lotus flowers, brid motifs like parrot,

peacock, swan, Squirrel. Animal motifs are used elephant, deer, sared bull. The other design are cradle, flowers, pot, cattle , Tulsi etc. 

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Rupali Jagtap

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