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India in a day – WHY, 3rd wave is on the way.

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India in a day – WHY, 3rd wave is on the way.

India in a day – its going to hit kids on a large scale





WHY, 3rd wave is on the way…
And its going to hit kids on a large scale…Why???

Such a prediction !!!..How???

Don’t we understand..???
No.. we don’t want to understand anything. Just want to enjoy, our lives without any hurdles, restrictions..

Now ,people are getting more and more confident about so called knowledge of this virus.
and half or wrong knowledge is always very harmful.

And the attitude is….
India in a day – Nothing happens yarrr..

Ohh really?????Why…because. ..

Hey ,we are vaccinated..

Yes, we have taken 1st dose.
So there is no need for masks or any protocols to follow.
We are immune..

Is it so??

Then why we have to take
2 doses of this vaccine. ???

India in a day – Friends ,its proven that after 1 vaccine, your immunity will be around 10 to 20 percent only.

After.. nearly 20 days of 2nd dose. Your immunity can be in-between 70% to 85 %…
(There will be always exceptions for all the reading according to the individuals health. )
..Just think ,why entire world’s governments will spend so much money for 2nd dose, when you are immune with 1st vaccine only ???
Vaccination is really costly process. Its eating into our economy. But still we have to do it.

Please, have some sense..

1..The danger is..
after 1st vaccination, you won’t get any symptoms if you get infected ,but you will be the carrier of virus,
as asymptomatic patient,… you will take home the virus and the kids at home.. ,whom ,we all have protected till now , are not vaccinated.,. will get the virus.

2.that’s why scientists are predicting that 3rd wave will hit kids, younger generations, and people who are not vaccinated,…. .
3….See, in simple words, virus is here to survive . Virus is working on it. It’s finding a way to survive, and searching a way to break through our medicines, vaccines, whatever we are researching to kill them, virus is also searching to break down all the barriers, we are creating for their survival..
It’s called mutation..

And if you had seen from past one and half yrs. Virus is pretty successful in this mutations.
And .. virus is working very hard to survive, but we are not… that’s why virus is still with us.
4..Just think simple words..
Howsoever , you close the way of a rat to enter in the house, it will find another way ,because it needs food to survive , rat knows that it may get killed, but its entire focus is to get the food and survive …

Similarly this virus also wants to survive…, is finding a different ways ..

5…Now everyone knows
It can enter our body through our nose and mouth and will settle down in our lungs.
It’s a respiratory decease..
It needs the moisture, temperature and oxygen which our lungs has, a perfect home for Corona ..

6….After entering..
Immediately it starts producing. ..developing, expanding.. its family, that’s why nearly around 4th days ,you will start getting symptoms like.. little body ache, fever, headaches, diarrhea, etc.
But if you have taken 1st dose of vaccine . .you won’t get any symptoms, and unknowingly ,you will spread the virus around …

7..Actually. .
The virus will die, in patients body around 7th day….but before that it will be interested in a new body to survive, and wants to grow its family.. ..and it can travel only by coughing, breathing and talking …through the spite of the patient.
And if you get infected. .
you are providing your kid’s body to this virus to survive,….. because at home and specially kids ,no one wears masks. …

8..As this virus is also working on its survival…,it’s mutating
its changing its way ..
That’s why in 2nd wave, after nose and mouth swabs testing , patients were getting negative reports, as it was going directly to the lungs and getting settled. it was very difficult to detect it..
After CT scan of chest, doctors were able to detect the virus.
So patients were not getting treatments in time , it was risk to their lives and unknowingly, they were spreading the virus too,.

10…please understand. ..

All side effects , dangers of this virus is depends upon, how early you have detected the virus, and started the treatment.

11…And as you are vaccinated , you will be asymptomatic patient ,won’t detect it in time so the treatment will be delayed , it can be fetal or leaving dangers side effects in your body..

India in a day – So don’t take it lightly…

And now ..

12…To survive, ..this virus is getting stronger and sufficient in large numbers to spread all over. There teams are working very hard..
The people, who are not vaccinated ,ie kids and younger generations will get affected 1st and the virus will keep multiplying and multiplying …
Simply understand.,10 people with knives can’t save themselves from ,attack of 1000 people with fully loaded guns.
If the load of the virus is more ,then we will be helpless to save us.,
Similarly, virus will attract the remaining people who are vaccinated with one dose , and very few with 2nd dose. ..has the feeling that they are immune and won’t wear masks will also be infected..
so simultaneously. Entire human race can get infected to get wiped from this world by this virus..

14. Dangerous thing is ,if virus becomes stronger then vaccine, then this vaccines also won’t work on it.

So. simply wear a mask, don’t try to test a poison, to make it sure that can it kill you or not ???

15. Unless the 70 % of the population gets vaccinated with 2 doses…we are not safe..
It’s called Herd immunity ..
When maximum population gets vaccinated,
still ,we can get infected, but it won’t be serious to get hospitalized….or fatal .
And death rate will be also very very low..

16…Till that time everyone has to wear proper masks .
Yes proper. masks
not comfortable to you, thin, lose ,or easily you can pull it to your chin all the time. While talking ..

India in a day – You are not saying…
time please, to the virus….
Look ,I have to breathe, eat ,talk …so I am not wearing mask, so please don’t enter in my body..

Think, only around 20 %of our population is vaccinated.
Pray and
Prepare yourself to wear a masks at least for 2,3 more yrs.

Don’t play with yours and others life.

17. Decision is yours ,to wear a mask or not… ..everyone’s life’s are connected to each other,
our survival is depends upon proper masks..

Yes .. with .proper 5 layered N 95, or double masks., we can stop the 3rd wave..

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Take care

Sunita Rao Bailur.
Dr. Hemant Bailur.

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