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independent suspension – smart suspension

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independent suspension – smart suspension

independent suspension – Massachusetts based and MIT born player motion




Massachusetts based and MIT born player motion has been some of the most

impressive and innovative suspension systems that smoothed out the bumpy as

tough roads make speed bumps feel nonexistent, offer stellar grip and maneuvering,

and reduces motion sickness. Clear motion suspension systems are so stable that

refilled with glasses of champagne can seamlessly ride on top of the hood of a

car without spilling, and a cake made out of Jell-O barely shakes when the car is in motion. Dubbed the world’s first proactive right system, clear motion, which brought out both suspension systems completely transformed the way your car rides and handles comparable to what noise cancelling does for noise, but in this case for motion, it instantaneously alleviates road roughness. What makes clear motion unique is that it utilizes and merges state of the art software and hardware to predict and learn the road. This allows for the car to react and adjust before the towers even hit the road. As a result of this instinctual approach, passengers and drivers experience unrivalled comfort, handling and stability. In other words, clear motion replaces a car shock absorbers with this powerful, fast acting software and actuators that push and pull each wheel, which delivers an unprecedented car ride experience.

Clear motion equips a car with an active valve that consists of three highly sophisticated components working together at some millisecond timescales, so when the digital controller detects a potential disturbance, it takes only milliseconds for the active owl’s motor to counteract it by exacting pressure on the damper. The active valve is one size fits all and is designed to mount on the side of war standard shock absorbers. The active arms components align with the twin tube and tri tube systems that dominate high car volume platforms. Only minor adjustments to our car’s body and chassis are needed to activate the smart actuator. Our system for active laws creates the digital chassis. It’s connected by Central Gateway that collects raw data and stores it in the cloud to be analyzed and instantaneously retrieved. Clear Motion’s right OS uses a detailed HD map of the road surface ahead. It also uses advanced control theory algorithms to repeatedly adjust suspension parameters to offer the optimal ride.




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