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Hypochlorite sanitization to protect from covid19.

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Hypochlorite sanitization to protect from covid19.



The key to protect us from Corona ,the dangerous virus. 






1st understand, that hypochlorite spray is not
pest control which can be done once in 3 months.

With proper masks, you will protect your self from entering Corona in your body and with
hypochlorite spray you will kill the virus ,which is already around you.

Original BMC regulations.
Scientific reasons .

1. Hypochlorite liquid, is the combination of..
chlorine, oxygen and caustic washing soda .
It destroys Corona viruses… protein cover.. DNA and RNA.
as of now everyone knows that soap kills this virus..
Same way. hypochlorite is a sort of washing soda..
It’s not at all harmful..
but as usual , you have to be careful ,and has to do it in a proper way…
As each medicine has its own side effects.
But ..
Is soap harmful ??

1. In covid words, its wiped not sprayed…after, every 4 hours ,as patients and doctors are always around.

2. Hospitals, slums… are sprayed all over….on corridors, lifts, compound, staircases, parking lots, gardens etc. where nobody is present.  everyday.

3. Commercial areas, shops , bank’s, shooting sets, market areas etc…should be sprayed… everyday, at night before closing…
Residential areas.. .alternate days..

4. And if you have Corona patients in your society, you have to spray hypochlorite in their home twice a day

and specially patients room has to get sanitize with hypochlorite 3 times a day .
(Small 1 litter spray bottles are available in market. )
(For patients room, you have to provide separate bottle.)

 Complete society once a day, at least for 14 days regularly, to stop the spread of virus.

Same patterns.
vacant places., not on electrical appliances, electronics , animals , food and human beings .

These are the guide lines.
Previously, BMC was following this protocol, but as you know, with so many cases around, its not possible for any government to manage it, without our help.

Now, its becoming more dangerous as cases are swollen up, its just impossible for BMC to put boards of covid patients, quarantining the patients and the family and spraying hypochlorite in their homes and societies.

So, people are becoming fearless and moving around with infections.
Without spraying hypochlorite continuously in patients areas, as its spreading through air also, and without any spray, virus won’t get killed,,
its spreading very vigorously and people are moving without proper masks.

How to tackle this situation, in this dangerous pandemic ?
Please.. now stop the blame games .

Now think..
If , this hypochlorite liquid is not useful, why all hospitals in the world is wiping, covid wards after every hours with it..?

5. So please follow this .
In your society’s..
You have to decide one particular time for sanitization with your society’s people and let them know, they are not supposed to come out of their home or have to be careful to walk around as its going to be wet outside on the staircases and lifts, compound as you are going to spray ,14 litters of water with 1..litter of hypochlorite .

15 litters is enough for nearly 10 floors building’s and compound.

6. It will dry on its own ,within 1 hour. Don’t wipe.
This is the way its done all over the world.

7. Fully automatic ,15 litters machine is now around 2,800, which you can use for yrs and hypochlorite liquid is around 200, which you can use for nearly 15 days ..

8. You can buy the machine and the liquid from, wherever you get it. But.. please buy it.
Its very easy to operate..
I am doing it myself everyday from last 1 year.

9. Remember, the treatments of Corona is very costly ..but prevention is very cheap…

10. Remember, everything has its own side effects, painting of your premises will get damage or gets rusting little bit. because of spray but at this moment, it’s important to save all of us.

11. Think every doctor’s clinic and hospitals are in mess, disrobed become sanitization ,but they have to sanitize to protect themselves and their patients.

And if you want…for any poor locality. We will provide you free hypochlorite liquid to sanitize the area. Just message me and come and collect it.

Please sanitize with hypochlorite and wear proper masks and follow all other precautions and get vaccinated, to protect ourselves and others.

think again and become a covid warrior. simply, by sanitizing your areas and save everyone.


Sunita Rao Bailur 

Dr. HEMANT Bailur. 

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