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husband and wife – Physiology and philosophy

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husband and wife – Physiology and philosophy 




What do psychology and philosophy say about the body relations of husband and wife?

Society has given marriage as a socially acceptable option for every man and woman to fulfill their natural desire and increase their lineage.

The philosophy says that a man should marry one woman and live with her for the rest of his life.

Husband and wife should also consider each other’s mind while having sex after marriage and fulfilling their natural libido. His wife is tired in body and mind after doing housework all day. She does not want to have sex. Or even when the wife is very ill, if a husband has sexual relations with her without considering her mind, then this is a very wrong thing, says the philosophy.

The physical relationship between husband and wife is the man’s attempt to satisfy his wife’s desire as well as to think about her mind while fulfilling his desire! So says philosophy.

Physiology and psychology of husband and wife-

If we want to think from the point of view of psychology, husband and wife’s body relations with each other and husband and wife’s body relations without knowing each other! We should think in two such areas.

The physical relations of husband and wife with each other!

When and why do husbands and wives engage in extramarital affairs?

Many husbands and wives have no experience of intercourse before marriage. There is only information about the physical relationship.

Husband and wife are young after marriage. A newly married husband wants to have constant intercourse with his wife every day. Even though the wife is young, she is unable to tell her heart’s desire to her husband due to shame and fear and seeing what other people in the house do not want, housework makes her physically and mentally tired. That is why one cannot enjoy the pleasure and happiness of a physical relationship like a husband.

The husband wants to return the pleasure and happiness of physical relations with his wife. As the wife does not have time, the husband indulges in extramarital affairs outside the home.

Until the husband reaches the age of 45/50 years, he demands intercourse from his wife every day, but after that, the husband’s desire for intercourse decreases.

Here when the wife was 35/40 years old. Then the children are grown up. Many household responsibilities are reduced. Free time is available throughout the day. Menstruation will stop after a few days. After living with her husband for so many years, the wife has come to know what the pleasure and happiness of a physical relationship are.

Due to all these reasons, the wife wants to enjoy the pleasure and pleasure of sexual intercourse as much as possible before the period stops. For that, she demands sex from her husband every night.

In such a situation, if the husband has intercourse with his wife every day, the wife does not commit adultery outside the house, but what happens?

Many husbands are physically and mentally tired as they age. It is not possible to have sex every day like the first time. The husband is tired after working all day. In such a situation, if a wife demands sexual relations from her husband, many husbands get angry with her. The children are married. Daughter-in-law has arrived, grandchildren have arrived and why do you need to have intercourse every day at this age? It is said that

After realizing that her desire is not being fulfilled by the husband, the wife creates sexual relations with the other unknown man.

Psychology tells us that if a wife thinks about her husband’s mind after a new marriage, and the husband also thinks about his tired mind, the husband will not indulge in extramarital affairs outside the home. Also, at the age of 40/45 years, if the husband considers the mind of the wife and the wife also understands the husband, the wife will not have an immoral extra-marital relationship with another man.

In short, psychology says that if every husband and wife consider each other’s heart from the time of the new marriage till 25/30 years of marriage, the marriage will be happy and there will be no extramarital affairs.




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