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Horry story – Joker

Horry story – Joker


Who doesn’t like The Joker? Because The Joker makes everyone laugh, and he is a very good entertainer. The one who wears colorful clothes, fake red hair, and a red-colored fake nose makes everyone laugh.

But have you ever thought that the same joker who makes everyone laugh can sometimes scare you too? Don’t be surprised; sometimes that innocent face also takes on a scary look, and believe me, it is very scary.

This is the story of Hariom, who is the manager of SBI Bank in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. One day, Hariom got two days of government leave. However, Hariom is very busy at work and is not able to interact much with his family members.
This time, when he got leave, he planned to take his children, one of whom is 10 years old and the other is 14 years old, out somewhere.

So on Sunday, he took his children in the car and went out for a walk. Actually, his plan was to go to the zoo, but when he reached there, the zoo was closed. Seeing this, the children felt sad. Hariom could not see this sadness.
Because after so many days, he had brought the children out for a walk. But what to do now? Because there would be more delay in going somewhere else and making plans. So he started walking back home with a heavy heart.

When they were half way, they saw that there was a forest on the right side of the road, and big swings were visible from the trees in that forest. Looking at it, it was clearly clear that it was a circus.

But Hariom started thinking because he had gone through the same route but did not see the circus and swings, but now where did they come from so quickly?

Hariom thought that perhaps he had not paid attention. Meanwhile, the children also started insisting on going to the circus, so Hariom also turned the car towards the forest where the circus was held.

As they were going towards the circus, they could hear the noise of people, as if there were a lot of people in the circus.

Now the door of the circus was visible. Hariom parked the car near the stage and walked inside the circus with the children.

But what Hariom sees is that the circus is completely deserted. There is no one there. The sounds that were coming were also not heard.

But still, Hariom ignored it and walked towards the ticket counter. As we told him, there was no one there; hence, he went straight to the counter. At the counter, there was a man wearing a red shirt with his head bowed down. It seemed as if he was reading something.

Hariom asked him for three tickets, and he bowed his head and gave them to him. When Hariom asked for money, he refused. “Sir, no one comes here; you take it for free; we don’t want any money.”

As soon as he said this, he closed the ticket counter. Hariom felt very strange. Now he started moving towards the circus tent. As soon as he reached outside the tent, he felt as if the tent was filled with people from inside. Because the sound of people laughing was heard.

When Hariom went inside with his children, there was no one there. He was very surprised. He was still standing and thinking when his children ran and grabbed the seats. He also went and sat there, but he was still in grief.

By now, Hariom had suspected something wrong. Then the circus started. Drums and drums started playing loudly.

Elephants and horses started coming to the circus. Many more clowns came and started showing tricks. After about half an hour, everyone went back inside, and now it was the turn of another clown. He came alone and sat on the chair placed in the middle.

He was laughing happily; it seemed as if he was about to tell a joke. Till now, everything was going well. Hariom and his children were alone in the entire circus; the entire show was happening only for them.

Suddenly, the joker sitting in the middle started crying while laughing. Just before Hariom could understand anything, what he sees is that suddenly the entire circus is filled with people, and they are sitting on their seats, in front of him, behind him, right and left, everywhere. They were all laughing loudly. And the Joker was crying. Seeing all this, Hariom became nervous and did not understand what to do. His children were also laughing with those spectators. It seemed as if his children were not aware of what was happening here.

Hariom looks at the clown, who is crying, and suddenly starts crying and climbing up the stairs where the tricks are performed. And as soon as he climbed up, he jumped from there.

Now he was lying on the ground, and there was blood all around. But the audience was still laughing. Seeing all this, Hariom ran towards the Joker. He picked up the clown, but what he saw was that there was nothing on his face, neither eyes nor mouth.

Joker held his hand. Hariom tried to free his hand but was unable to do so. He screamed and asked for help. But no one was listening; now all the spectators were not laughing; everyone was sitting silent and looking only at him. When he looked towards his children, they too were sitting silently watching the show.

Now Hariom started crying out of fear. Then he sees that the clown has stood up on his own and is dragging him somewhere. He was trying to free his hand. But it was unsuccessful.

He saw that there was a huge fire ahead, and he understood that he was taking himself towards that fire. Now Hariom’s mouth was satisfied. He had lost courage. He was now on the verge of fainting.

Then, as Joker went near the fire, he left Hariom’s hand, jumped into the fire himself, and started screaming loudly in pain. Hariom gathered courage and ran back towards her children, holding their hands, and started running out of the circus.

He somehow sat in the car and drove away. Gave. Now Hariom heaved a sigh of relief. Just when he was halfway through the forest, he saw that the Joker was standing on the side of a tree with a board in his hand and a big smile on his face. And it was written on its board, “Please come again.”

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