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home window grill design – The bloom frame

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home window grill design – The bloom frame


home window grill design – a window that transforms into a balcony




The bloom frame, a window that transforms into a balcony in just 55 seconds with just a push of a button.

It’s a game changer for urban apartments as it instantaneously provides city dwellers an outdoor space and fresh air,

which is greatly needed during a pandemic. This modern multipurpose window with an innovative and

multi award winning design is no longer a prototype, but is blooming in full production. You can walk out on it,

pull up a chair, sip a cocktail, taking the sides and soak up the sunlight and fresh air from

quaint buildings in Amsterdam and Paris. Two high rises in Beijing, Brisbane and New York.

The blueprint can add a new and exciting twist to urban architecture. Blueprint can be installed in private homes,

apartments, offices and hotels. Regardless if it’s a renovation or new construction. Created by Amsterdam

based architecture firm Hofmann Dujardin, the blue framed windows manufactured by Portal France

and installed by in the Netherlands, what both blueprints contractors responsible for the construction of the total project.

The first model was successfully installed in an apartment building in Amsterdam in 2017.

Blum Frame comes in several sizes L Excel and XL.

The dimensions for the last 17 hundred mm width by two thousand four hundred mm height and

the Excel ten thousand three hundred mm width by 2400 mm height and the XL 3000 mm width by

ten thousand four hundred mm height. The standard depth of the balcony is one thousand mm.

While the blue frame should be used during optimal weather conditions, it’s important to close it when it’s raining.

When closing it, the remaining water on the glass surface won’t leak indoors, but will instead be drained outdoors.

This is due to its small gutter, which deflects the run off towards its drainage holes. In the event of a power failure,

the blue train window will continue to function. It’s equipped with the tubular motor that’s

positioned horizontally above the upper crust piece of the bloom frame in the inside of the house

and behind a protective cover. The motor is controlled by specially developed electronic system,

and it has a manual emergency override system to open or close the bloom frame.



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