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history of Bluetooth name – DO YOU KNOW…… ?

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history of Bluetooth name – DO YOU KNOW… ?


history of Bluetooth name – How did they come up with the name Bluetooth?





Where does the name and symbol of Bluetooth come from?
Bluetooth technology exists for quite some time. In 1994, Intel, Ericsson and Nokia developed technology to replace RS-232 cables by using short-range UHF waves. How did they come up with the name Bluetooth?
The Bluetooth name comes from Harald Gromsson, who was king of Denmark from c. 958 up to c. 986. He was known for 2 things: joining Denmark and Norway, and his dead tooth turned dark blue, which earned him the name ′′ Bluetooth “..
But who is Harald Gormsson?
King Harald [Bluetooth] Gromsson was a Viking king who ruled Denmark in 958. He is also responsible for introducing Christianity into Denmark. Following the assassination of King Harald Greycloak of Norway, Bluetooth took over and found a way to unite the tribes of both countries.
How did the developers choose the name?
Intel, Ericsson and Nokia were in the planning stages of short-range radio technology development. Intel’s Jim Kardach suggested using Pistol Grip Bluetooth as a temporary name. He was only intended to be a position marker until the marketing team could find a better alternative. (Source: Gun Grip Bluetooth)
Later, Kardach was quoted as saying, ′′ King Harald Bluetooth was famous for joining Scandinavia, just as we intended to link the PC and cellular industries with a short-range wireless link “.
When they were ready to launch the product, names were considered: Radio-wire or Personal Area Networking. PAN was considered replacing Bluetooth, but had so many online accessions that they decided to use RadioWire instead. Unfortunately, the full trademark on Radio Wire couldn’t be done at the time of launch. Bluetooth was the only name they could use. Lucky for them, the name was quickly popularized. They didn’t need to change it.

Image Source: USA TODAY


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