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Hey, I am wearing a mask – safety precaution

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Hey, I am wearing a mask – safety precaution

covid 19 – Third wave safety precaution.




Hey, I am wearing a mask. safety precaution

But How ??

1. Yaarrrr, It has to be comfortable little loose. And
thin also, so I can breathe a little .

3. After some time, I get suffocated ,so I have to remove it for sometime .

4. And while talking to someone ,I have to take it down on my neck ..otherwise, how can I talk ???

5. N.95…no way its too thick. And only doctor’s should wear it.

6. Areeee  nothing happens ,its ok one wears a mask. safety precaution

7. and even if you get the virus, only a little fever.., nothing is serious, everyone gets cured..

8. And if we worry too much about it ,we will get it. So…. not to think also ..chill Yarr.

9. See ,we are social animals, so we have to party.. little outing , then we have to eat outside, while eating and drinking we have to take off the mask, and  it’s ok, we are with our friends and relatives only.
Its safe.

10. just going for a walk.. it’s great exercise… everyday ,.. we only talk.. and at that time, we have to remove the mask.
With mask safety precaution, how can we talk or walk ??

11. marriages… we have to attend, it’s in the family only, and who wears masks on such occasions?? Nonsense..

12. and foremost ,now.. we have vaccine ,we will be vaccinated soon ..everyone will be safe. .now no more mask..
i am tired of masks , Yarrr

Ohhh ,I got covid..
but how is it possible??
I took enough care.. no way.. and now .. my family also got it .. how….we got it???? because of some irresponsible person !!!!
How can they move around, when they have the virus ??? Horrible

Now ,my family is also suffering, and so much of money , I have lost to treat everyone

What’s this ??..
No beds in the hospitals, no oxygen, no medicines, no doctors,
What this government is doing???
We are paying taxes, we should get all facilities .

This is the way most of us are dealing with such a dangerous pandemic.
now also, some people even have doubt, that is Covid really existing or ?

And .
People are hiding that, they are suffering from covid, misleading other’s.
in the WhatsApp groups they behave as if every thing is normal. .
but we know how many are taking help from us for guidance , medicine on covid etc…hundreds of our know, unknown people all around India. because of this messages, people are connecting to us for help. ..
but they mentioned it first, that please don’t tell anyone.

We are requesting them to put it in your groups, not to thank us .((.we are rather happy that we can at least help someone)).but let everyone get alerted , that covid is around everyone, so they can take more precautions, ..

But no.. they rather thank us privately, but not on groups.

What’s happening to us .??

Cheapest way to save ourselves, by wearing proper masks, safety precaution

but we are not doing so.

The pandemic was supposed to end ,but with our careless attitudes, we are in deadly 2nd wave and we are heading towards 3rd wave.. more lock downs.????

Slowly, our lock down is getting easier.. please don’t mess with your freedom..
Govt. is planning to vaccinate maximum population till this December 2021…please hold on till December At least

Ohhh people..
Why can’t we think that ..
as we are in fasting period for this year also . Like we all do for our Religious reasons..
In a way, God is only asking we all, to do so.. That’s why this virus is there to teach us a new lesson.
Fasting from all social activities. As we have overdone our social activities ..masti.

Till this pandemic gets over, we will wear proper masks and together we will fight with this virus.

No.. we won’t do anything simple..
We won’t go for solutions..

We will keep complaining about our government and every things around us .
They are useless, they are not doing their duties.
All are corrupt.
All said and done. .just think

If you have a house and facilities to treat 10 guests, all of a sudden 10,000 guests have come,..
Now how can you manage??
Food ,vessel’s, place ,sittings, all arrangements???

Same thing is happening to our hospitals and infrastructures.
We need better infrastructure,
that is altogether different old issues,
Now .. 1st, we have to decide we want more Mandir, Masjid, churches etc.. or better infrastructure .???

By the way ,
God doesn’t need any of these, the entire world is there’s, and we all religions have created enough nuisances, in the name of religion .

Choice is yours.
Increasing beds , medical faculties etc. are not going to solve the problems, we need many doctors, nurses, all medical staff..
if everyone gets infected, where we will keep them and who will treat whom??

Which is likely to happen soon, when ever lock down gets over ..we will be same old careless people .

And ..
Whom are we blaming???
our .. politicians??
People like us ,among us???..

Hello And what are we doing??
Do we have any rights to complain??

Think about health care workers.. how they all are working with a PPE kit, without water for 8 hours,
no vacations , so much stress and danger to them and there own families , …so many of them are dying.
Still, they are working for us..
Young kids ..fresh doctors around 22 are forced to attend covid words ,what their parents must be going through.???
Think about your own kids of that age ???

We don’t want to follow any simple rules, Discipline  which is required for our own safety.

We want everything proper, wants to matter on what costs…

Ohhhh  people. .please
Wake up , what more disasters you want. !!..????

Don’t get tired with this ..wait..
First come out of this pandemic safely, then God has lined up things for us. specially,
if we don’t change ourselves now also.

Lots of this kind of viruses..
Global warming etc.

Change your attitude, follow the rules. Wear proper masks..
till majority of us ..gets vaccinated.. around December 2021,that’s what government is claiming.

Take your responsibility as a human beings, as a society, take care of our beautiful world..
This is in our Land ..its not very late…but



Stay safe, Stay blessed. 
Sunita Rao Bailur. 
Dr. Hemant Bailur. 
Swayam, Self Search.

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