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Health – Do women need sex like men?

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Health – Do women need sex like men?



From the Health – point of view of psychology and anatomy, the answer is yes.

Just as men are thirsty, hungry, and need physical intercourse, so are women.

But due to family and community constraints from childhood, as well as natural shame, no woman expresses her desire openly.

A woman has ten times more work than a man. Someone said so.

But is this true? What do Health – psychology, and anatomy say about this?

Almost 95% of women are busy with household chores, jobs, taking care of in-laws, children, and husbands, serving them in sickness, cooking for them, washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning the house, and taking care of visitors.

Have you ever seen a married woman roll around all day like her husband?

Almost 99% of women wake up at five o’clock in the morning, and from then till they go to bed at night, they work only and only. In such a situation, how will thoughts of a physical relationship come into their mind?

Every married woman requires a physical relationship but as much as a man thinks that need is important, men do not consider the need for a physical relationship as important as a man takes any means to fulfill that need. Even if that need is not fulfilled by their husband for some reason, many women can probably control themselves.

Health – For example. If the husband is sick for a long time or if the husband is out of town for six months to a year, his wife is probably 99% in control of herself. She feels the need for physical intercourse at some point or night, but she keeps her mind occupied with the memory of her husband or her children.

Health – Nature has limited every woman’s desire for physical intercourse only to procreation. For the rest of her life, she is happy to take care of her home, world, husband, and children, working her mind and body for them all day long.

Every man needs to remember that physical relations are the most important thing in a man’s mind. And a man can do anything for that. The importance of physical relationships is not so much in the minds of women. A woman never takes the path of immoral intercourse to fulfill her desire for physical intercourse.

Although some women give the most importance to physical intercourse and even think about physical intercourse 24 hours a day, this does not happen naturally, it is a mental illness.

yes, in our society, some women give the most importance to a Health – physical relationship. Most of these women have experienced sexual intercourse before marriage. After getting married to another man, then they think about which man gives them more physical pleasure between the first man and this second man. After that, another man’s experience is seen. It is a mental illness. Psychology can explain this well.

one of my software engineer friends share his experience, he told me, my wife and I have been married for fifteen years. Twelve of those fifteen years we were apart. On the occasion of her job and my business. We have been living together since last year. Ma’s estrangement from his wife never affected our relationship. Because of her nature, and way of thinking. One thing is true she did not feel the need for physical relations as much as I used to feel during this period.

That is why I am presenting the above opinion from my example. Others may have different experiences.






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