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happy home – A tiny home comes in a giant box

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happy home – A tiny home comes in a giant box

happy home – unfolds one young box set.




the boxerBl Casita, by BoxerBl, a tiny home that literally comes in a giant box and unfolds

one young box set. It’s like unwrapping a gift, but in this case you’re in a box in the home

that will change your life and or improve circumstances. It’s turnkey. Home can be a game changer

for many who might be suffering from homelessness or facing hardship, or they can serve as a

disaster relief or help disabled veterans become more independent. It can also serve as an

extra vote for granny or your in-laws right in the comfort of your own backyard,

or provide temporary housing or accommodation for guests. Really, the possibilities are endless.

The Boxer Bill Casita, which can be built or better yet unboxed, boxed in just one day. It’s fully furnished with modern amenities for $50000, and it can be delivered right to your backyard. So like two hundred and fifty dollars a month, you can purchase this adorable tiny home that comes fully equipped with a full size kitchen, including a double sink with a large window and our dishwasher microwave shaker cabinetry and a bathroom. More specifically, the box of old granny flat has a deep shower or tub vessels sink, large counter backlit mirror and a sliding glass barn door.

The living area is three hundred and seventy five square feet, with nine foot six ceilings and eight foot huge doors and windows. It also has a white black composite flooring, a built in ironing center, a washer dryer heating and an air conditioner. The benefit of this tiny creation is that it’s affordable and energy efficient. Thanks to this information technology and integrated LED lighting, these will result in lower utility bills. Built in a precision factory environment, it’s materials are very strong, durable and high tech. It’s also fire mold, wind bug and water resistant. During disaster relief, the boxer will consider can be rapidly deployed on a grander scale by the thousands for hospitals, shelters, schools and for quarantine. Yet once the disaster passes, these tiny houses can be converted into high quality of scale, permanent housing and used to rebuild communities. Basketball is a flexible building system that can build almost any style of home. Different modules stack and connect to build anything.




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