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Gurupournima – Information

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 Gurupournima – Information


Who will show path without teacher ( without Guru ) ( Guru Vin see full song below )


Ashadh Pournima is called Gurupournima or ‘Vyaspoornima’. It is customary to perform Vyaspuja on this day.


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Maharshi Vyas was the sculptor and founder of Indian culture. The original concept of Indian culture and its further preservation has been done by Vyas himself.

Vyas neatly divided and edited the Vedas. In the past, the Veda was one, divided into four parts by diameters.

Vyas wrote the Mahabharata. Mahabharata is the best and worldly book in the world!

The Mahabharata has theology, ethics, behavior and psychology. Vyas, who composed the Mahabharata, was closely associated with that story.

Vyas is the virgin son of Goddess Satyavati! Later Satyavati became the queen of Hastinapur. The queen had two sons. But they both died childless.

The state has no heirs. Rani Satyavati became mentally disturbed and from that longing she came up with a different idea.

The idea was based on the social beliefs and customs of the time.

With the idea that her ex-husband’s son Vyas should increase her lineage,

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she insisted that Vyas should adopt the method of appointment and produce offspring in place of his daughter-in-law.

Vyas did not approve of this at all. He tried his best to dissuade his mother from this idea in various ways, but nothing came of Satyavati’s insistence.

Against their own will, they were forced to obey her and Satyavati’s two daughters-in-law had two sons. The first Dhritarashtra and the second Pandu.

The descendants of Dhritarashtra are Kauravas and the descendants of Pandu are Pandavas! This Kaurava-Pandava war is the main story of the Mahabharata.

Both the Kauravas and the Pandavas of Vyas had a similar blood and relationship.

In order to prevent a war, Vyas tried hard to convince the Kauravas and Pandavas, but there was no success.

One can only imagine how upset and upset Vyas must have been because of this war.

Even if someone lost the battle, it would be a matter of diameter. If anyone’s blood was spilled on the battlefield, it would be blood of diameter.

The pain of Arjuna-sadness that appears at the beginning of the song is actually the pain of diameter.

Gitopadesh is like a sermon taught by Vyas to his own mind.

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Although Vyas wrote the Mahabharata and said that religion is for the welfare of all, no one listens to me.

Vyas holds his religious and cultural traditions in the highest esteem.

Gyanoba says that there are no Indians, there are no people, there are many reasons for this.

Vyas has tasted, experienced everything in the world.

In the morning recitation, the verse of bowing of diameters mentions a total of five generations, including the previous three, the next one and the middle diameter.

Vyasam Vasishtanaptaram, Shakte Poutramakalmasham Parasharatmajam Vande, Shukatatam Taponidhim Who?

Vyas is the grandson of Vasistha, grandson of Shakti, son of Parashara and father of Shuka

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Wait who will show Guruvin
The path of life is a remote, difficult mountain pass

Unknowingly I am a wanderer alone
Fallen, hidden share
Avatibhavati kirrarr datle kateban ghandat

This darkness without knowing the direction
Nase Asara, Nase Shidori
The throat was thickened with bharuni, lochan kathokath
I’m hungry, I’m thirsty
Let’s go back
Long Rajni in the evening, dawn from where to appear

This ephemeral life is mortal
Netil Lutuni Beast Smuggler
Yeh Shridatta Sambhali Maj, Dawi Roop Virat

(Compilation Madhav Vidwans)



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