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gsm architecture – new type of architectural

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gsm architecture – new type of architectural

gsm architecture – impressive vertical Forest




The urban landscape is changing, and the concrete jungle is actually becoming Lush with the creation of the word called Forest, which is made up of  sustainable residential towers that are covered in thousands of trees, plants, flowers and shrubs.

Not only do they produce oxygen and absorb harmful pollutants, but also they added beautiful and Lively aesthetic to any City.

This new type of architectural biodiversity emphasizes the relationship between humans and other living species, and is caught on across the globe, Starting with Milan, Italy.


Stefano boy Larry Orcutt, etty, which is based in Milan with offices in Shanghai And Tirana, is spearheading the project also called Bosco vertically.

This impressive vertical Forest is located in Milan’s Porta Nuova area, and

consists of Two Towers are eighty and a hundred twelve meters high Each

Tower is equivalent to about Fifty thousand square meters of single-family houses.

These two green Beauties house, A total of 800 trees with 480 first and second,

stage trees, 300 smaller ones 15000 perennials and or ground covering plants and 5000 shrubs.

This Lush medley provides an amount of vegetation that’s equal to a

whooping 30000 square Meters of Woodland and undergrowth, which is concentrated on 3000 square meters of urban surface.

There is the plant-based Shield that does not reflect or magnify the Sun’s rays, but instead filters them.


This creates an inviting internal micro climate without harmful effects On the environment,

dump the green curtain. It regulates humidity and produces oxygen and absorb

CO2 and microparticles. ( gsm architecture )

The porcelain stoneware finish of the facades incorporates From color that’s

comparable to bark. This conjures the image of a pair of massive trees

Annually. There are flying gardeners or specialized team of Arbors,

climbers who use mountaineering techniques and descend from the

roof of the buildings to prune and check the progress of the plums for removal or substitution.

Maintenance And Greening operations are managed by the condominium, Irrigation is also centralize.


And plants are monitor digitally and remotely and watered from filtered runoff From The Towers.

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