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Green world Airoli – Save the world  Go green

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Green world Airoli – Save the world  Go green

Green world Airoli – Save the world  Go green


It’s now or never ..
Every one in the world specially Indians should do this.. now..

1..Save your green waste, for your own vegetable and flower garden.
And .. your plastic waste for recycling. your tetra packs to recycle and donate to make desktop for schools
..Donate to her.

To Mrs. ..Manisha.
Rur Greenlife, 307, Nav Vivek industrial estate, Mogul ln ,New Dinkar Co operative Society, Mahim , Mumbai , Maharashtra, 400016.

4..Save milk bags for recycling.
And send it to ..
Har Ghar Hara Ghar .
Mrs. Kunti Oza,
91 Bennett Villa ,27 Nathalal parikh Marg, Mumbai 400039.

And lot more organizations, NGO’S , are there to help us.

It’s high time that we should start doing this.

Every building ,should work a little on this.
Very simple , innovative and healthy for everyone.

Green world airoli – Now ,all buildings should keep 3 garbage bins..2 blue and

1…Blue for all plastic ,
2..another blue for all wrappers, bottles.

2..Green is only for vegetables and fruit waste.

3..One box or bin to collect all tetra packs ,and milk bags .

It should be strict rules for everyone.

As government has done this rules, compulsory.. long back ,but we Indians are always special people, not to follow the rules.
But now ,your buildings should start doing this and set the examples for the world ..

Some aware, civilized societies have already been following this beautiful instructions..

Every week or every day BMC , and some private organizations comes and collect plastic wastes ,bottles, tetra packs. etc.

You can tie up with this organizations, who are recycling the plastic wastes.

It’s very simple and useful.

Every buildings should have their vertical vegetable gardens, in their available places, which is very easy and economical, if anyone needs help for any kind of gardening, message us directly .

Green world airoli – All information’s and valuable guidance on Go green, is absolutely free of costs .

In their own gardens , all buildings can use their green waste .
They have to keep 2 big drums , around 50 kgs .
Every one from the building should put their green waste in one bin.
After one bin is full, keep it aside . Use the next been .
full green waste of the bin will keep fermenting up to 4 months.
which will make great, healthy fertilizers, will be used in their own garden or any nearby public trees or gardens, with proper planning .

With this simple practice we will save our environment in many ways.

1.. BMC need not carry green waste, half the trucks won’t be needed, less fuel, less traffic, less air pollution.

2.. Plastic will be used for recycling. Money is being saved and mostly recycled.

Products are made by less privileged people ,so we can generate income sources for them.

3.. All buildings, will have their simple, beautiful garden, which will beautify the place ,will gives everyone, very beautiful, feelings and satisfaction, that they have contributed something beautiful to the world and ..more oxygen for everyone.

4..  All members will be again attached to the nature as they will be working happily and enthusiastically in their own garden,. Only minimum 15 minutes a day.

5..Building’s will have their own grown organic vegetables to eat .

6..As we have very little space in cities ,in our buildings ,we can go for vertical gardens.
Very simple and very cheap.

6.. All members will have beautiful interaction in between other members of the society, which is very much missing nowadays. .

7.. All retired people , can use their spare time for gardening and guiding the learn the responsibilities of this world,
Which is very much needed now, as most of the kids are stuck to phones and losing interactions with the world .

8..And most important, with this practice, everyone will come to know, how difficult is to manage or train few human beings from society for simple

Things, then how any government can manage to do everything perfectly as most of the people doesn’t want to follow any rules and on top of it, everyone feels that after paying taxes , their duties gets over.

With simple initiatives like this, we all will be contributing hugely to our own world.
And ..
You all will be properly informed, will be guided and will be provided all the information’s on each and every things of this project, whenever you required .
Go Green.

Our mother land is already over loaded by population and over used. ,specially in India.

Our mother land is extremely sick, we have to treat her by planting trees and providing proper health to the soil by our green waist, which will give us healthy food and healthy environment .
Contact your nearly vegetable vendors and take their vegetable waist and make a fertilizers from it and feed your nearly trees regularly.

In return trees ,our land will become healthy and they will make the world healthy.

Otherwise ,we won’t be able to survive.

We ,not only have to plant trees in villages, near rivers but also to all cities, buildings to get us oxygen.

Green world airoli – Come on… save our environment, save the global warming..
Save the world, with your little responsibilities. It’s very simple. but most needed in the entire world

Make your area, so clean and beautiful as Switzerland,
with no investments, you can develop tourism to develop your country, your economics..

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Stay safe, Stay blessed.
Sunita Rao Bailur.
Dr. Hemant Bailur.

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